2022 W.W. Hutchinson Medal to Dr. Britta Jensen

It is our great pleasure to announce that Dr. Britta Jensen is the 2022 recipient of the W.W. Hutchinson Medal from the Geological Association of Canada.

10 May 2022

britta-jensen.jpgThe Hutchinson Medal is awarded by the Geological Society of Canada to a young scientist for recent exceptional advances in Canadian earth science.
As noted on the GAC awards website: "Britta specializes in tephrochronology/stratigraphy where she studies volcanic ejecta to date and correlate sedimentary sequences as well as determining eruption frequencies and magnitudes. Her research is focused on North American volcanism: examining Miocene to Holocene eruptions from the Aleutian Arc and Wrangell volcanic field in the Yukon and Alaska, characterizing distal and proximal deposits of Cascade volcanoes in the western USA and Canada with a focus on Mount St. Helens, and building a tephrostratigraphic framework based on cryptotephra deposits in eastern North America. She is the PI of the Volcanic Ash Research Group (VARG) at the U of A, and curator of the John Westgate Tephra Collection, which includes over 5000 individual tephra samples."
Read more about GAC Awards: https://gac.ca/about/grants-awards/