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Altimeter Retrievals of Sea Ice, Lake Ice, and Snow Properties

Author: Beckers, JustinSupervisor: Christisn HaasYear (Degree): 2018 (PhD)

Probing the Mantle Cargo of Kimberlites – A Geochemical Investigation of Different Mineral Components and Evaluation of their Potential as Petrogenetic and Exploration Tools

Author: Bussweiler, YannickSupervisor: Graham PearsonYear (Degree): 2017 (PhD)

Possible thunderstorm modifications caused by the Athabasca oil sands development and the Canadian Shield

Author: Brown, DanielSupervisor: Gerhard ReuterYear (Degree): 2017 (PhD)

Paleodepositional Environments and Stratigraphic Framework for the Lower Cretaceous Bluesky Formation and Related Strata in the Peace River Oil Sands Deposit of Alberta

Author: Campbell, GordonSupervisor: Murray GingrasYear (Degree): 2017 (PhD)

Hydrogeological Characterization of the Bakken Aquifer, Williston Basin (Canada-USA)

Author: Skoreyko, DanielSupervisor: Ben RostronYear (Degree): 2017 (MSc)

Genesis and Controls on the Mineralization of the Keglovic Deposit, South-Central Yukon

Author: Pryer, LaurenceSupervisor: Stephen JohnstonYear (Degree): 2017 (PhD)

Genesis and controls on mineralization at the Hammer Zone silver showing, Mount Mye Trend, hosted by the Anvil Batholith, South-Central Yukon

Author: Rogers, MichaelSupervisor: Sarah GleesonYear (Degree): 2017 (MSc)

Environmental Controls on Alternating Aragonite-calcite Laminations in Notch-speleothems from Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands, British West Indies

Author: Zheng, ErjunSupervisor: Brian JonesYear (Degree): 2017 (PhD)

Economic significance of platinum group elements and water in asteroids: Insights from chondritic meteorites

Author: Gilmour, CosetteSupervisor: Christopher HerdYear (Degree): 2017 (PhD)

Detrital Zircon Studies in Silurian Basins of Southern New Brunswick

Author: Dokken, RobertSupervisor: Robert LuthYear (Degree): 2017 (MSc)

The sedimentological and ichnological characteristics of inclined heterolithic stratification (IHS) of modern and ancient fluvio-tidal systems

Author: Shchepetkina, AlinaSupervisor: George PemberonYear (Degree): 2016 (PhD)

Simulation of Large Scale CO2 Injection at the Aquistore Injection Site, Estevan, SK

Author: Safaei Jazi, RaminSupervisor: Ben RostronYear (Degree): 2016 (PhD)

Geochemical, Petrophysical and Geomechanical Properties of Stratigraphic Sequences in Horn River Shale, Middle and Upper Devonian, Northeastern British Columbia, Canada

Author: Dong, TianSupervisor: Nicholas HarrisYear (Degree): 2016 (PhD)

Expression of Major and Trace Element Signatures of the Frasnian Duvernay Formation Within a Sea Level Context: Insights into the Processes That Control MudstoneCcomposition, Paleoredox Conditions and Organic Matter Enrichment

Author: McMillan, JuliaSupervisor: Nicholas HarrisYear (Degree): 2016 (MSc)

Controls on Organic-Rich Mudstone Deposition: The Devonian Duvernay Formation, Alberta, Canada

Author: Knapp, LeviSupervisor: HarrisYear (Degree): 2016 (MSc)

The Evolution of Magmatic-Hydrothermal Fluids as Recorded by Stable Cl Isotopes and Cl/Br Elemental Ratios in Geothermal Systems, Porphyry Copper and Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold Deposits

Author: Bernal, NelsonSupervisor: Sarah GleesonYear (Degree): 2015 (PhD)

Testing an Alternative Eddy Viscosity Scheme

Author: Marshall, GinnySupervisor: John WilsonYear (Degree): 2015 (MSc)

Sediment-Hosted Pb-Zn-Ba Mineralisation at Macmillan Pass, Yukon (Canada) - Hydrothermal Fluid Chemistry and Mineralising Processes

Author: Magnall, JosephSupervisor: Sarah GleesonYear (Degree): 2015 (PhD)

Plant biodiversity effects on aboveground carbon storage in second-growth and old-growth tropical forests

Author: Duran, SandraSupervisor: Arturo SanchezYear (Degree): 2015 (PhD)

Petrogenesis of the Acasta Gneiss Complex, Northwest Territories, Canada

Author: Reimink, JesseSupervisor: Thomas ChackoYear (Degree): 2015 (PhD)

Monitoring Seasonal and Secondary Succession Processes in Deciduous Forests using Near-Surface Optical Remote Sensing and Wireless Sensor Networks

Author: Rankine, CassidySupervisor: Arturo SanchezYear (Degree): 2015 (PhD)

Measuring and Interpreting Predation on Gastropod Shells

Author: Stafford, EmilySupervisor: LeightonYear (Degree): 2015 (PhD)

Interactive Modelling of Glacier Climatic Mass Balance in the Karakoram Range

Author: Collier, SarahSupervisor: Andrew BushYear (Degree): 2015 (PhD)

High-resolution sequence stratigraphy in a Mesoproterozoic intracratonic sag basin, the Tombador Formation, Chapada Diamantina Basin, Brazil

Author: Magalhaes, AntonioSupervisor: Octavian CatuneanuYear (Degree): 2015 (PhD)

Geology, Geochemistry, Geochronology, and economic potential of the Taftan volcanic complex, southeastern Iran

Author: Razavi Khosroshahi, AmirSupervisor: Jeremy RichardsYear (Degree): 2015 (MSc)

Evolution of Erosional Unconformities in the Cenozoic Succession of the Cayman Islands

Author: Liang, TiangSupervisor: Hans MachelYear (Degree): 2015 (PhD)

Everyday Wild: How Do Preserved Natural Areas in the City of Edmonton Contribute to Adult Perceptions of Health and Well-Being?

Author: Cheesbrough, AlisonSupervisor: Theresa GarvinYear (Degree): 2015 (MA)

Diagenetic Controls on Hydrothermal Fluid Flow in the Osiris, Isis, and Isis East Carlin-Type Gold Showings, Nadaleen Trend, Yukon

Author: Beaton, NeilSupervisor: GleesonYear (Degree): 2015 (MSc)

Age, Composition and Thermal History of Lower Crustal Xenoliths from the Artemisia, Ekati and Munn Lake Kimberlites of the Slave Craton

Author: Coombs, ShaunaSupervisor: Thomas ChackoYear (Degree): 2015 (MSc)

50,000 years of paleoenvironmental change recorded in meteoric waters and coeval paleoecological and cryostratigraphic indicators from the Klondike goldfields, Yukon, Canada

Author: Mahony, MatthewSupervisor: Duane FroeseYear (Degree): 2015 (MSc)

Velocity Variability of Devon Ice Cap Tidewater Glaciers

Author: Danielson, BradleySupervisor: Martin SharpYear (Degree): 2014 (MSc)

The Pleistocene Ironshor Formation, Grand Cayman: Diagenetic Response To Sea Level Change

Author: Li, RongSupervisor: Hans MachelYear (Degree): 2014 (PhD)

The Glacial and Relative Sea Level History of Southern Banks Island, NT, Canada

Author: Walsh, JessicaSupervisor: John EnglandYear (Degree): 2014 (PhD)

The Biology of Sclerobionts and their Hosts: Comparing Biomechanical Experiments on Brachiopod Hosts to Sclerobiont Distribution Maps

Author: Barclay, KristinaSupervisor: Lindsey LeightonYear (Degree): 2014 (MSc)

Temporal Dynamics and Leaf Trait Varianility in Neotropical Dry Forests

Author: Hesketh, MichaelSupervisor: Arturo SanchezYear (Degree): 2014 (PhD)

Stable Isotopic Fingerprint of Resins and Ambers: Validation of a Novel Paleoclimatic Indicator

Author: Gonzalez, GabrielaSupervisor: Karlis MuehlenbachsYear (Degree): 2014 (MSc)

Smoking Environments in Transition: Experiences of Chinese Migrants to Edmonton

Author: Li, JiaSupervisor: CollinsYear (Degree): 2014 (MA)

Responding to Rapid and Unexpected Retail Innovations: Planning Retail Resilence

Author: Smit, FujieSupervisor: Robert SummersYear (Degree): 2014 (MA)

Porosity and permiability in the Graminia Formation, Upper Devonian Wionterburn group in Germain Field, northeastern Alberta

Author: Black, MeghanSupervisor: Brian JonesYear (Degree): 2014 (MSc)

Orogenic Gold Mineralization at 3Ace and Geochemical Characteristics of Quartz Monzonite Dikes of Sprogge, South-East Yukon

Author: Whelan, ShaunaughSupervisor: Sarah GleesonYear (Degree): 2014 (MSc)

Origins and Geochemical Characterization of the Iron-Oxide-Copper-Gold Deposits in the Great Bear Magmatic Zone, NWT, Canada

Author: Acosta, PedroSupervisor: Gleeson SarahYear (Degree): 2014 (PhD)

Origin of the Cenozoic porphyry Cu deposits in southern Tibet

Author: Wang, RuiSupervisor: Jeremy RichardsYear (Degree): 2014 (PhD)

Observations on Ichnology, Taphonomu and Epibiota in the Freshwater Realm

Author: Lawfield, AndrewSupervisor: Murray Gingras, George PembertonYear (Degree): 2014 (PhD)

Isotope Geochemistry of Natural Gas from the Horn River Basin: Understanding Gas Origin, Storage and Transport in an Uncoventional Shale Play

Author: Norville, GiselleSupervisor: Karlis MuehlenbachsYear (Degree): 2014 (PhD)

Institutional Diversity in Collective Action: Investigating Successful Village Level Maintenance of Hand Pumps in Malawai

Author: Joubert, BrianSupervisor: Robert SummersYear (Degree): 2014 (PhD)

Insights Into the Origin of the Scourie Dykes From Geochemistry and Geochronology

Author: Davies, JoshuaSupervisor: Robert CreaserYear (Degree): 2014 (MSc)

Ice-Atmosphere Interactions on the Devon Ice Cap, Canada: The Effects of Climate Warming on Surface Energy Balance, Melting, and Firn Stratigraphy

Author: Gascon, GabrielleSupervisor: Martin SharpYear (Degree): 2014 (PhD)

Forced Plumes in Uniformly Stratified Environment

Author: Richards-Thomas, TamarSupervisor: Bruce SutherlandYear (Degree): 2014 (MSc)

Diamond Sources Beneath the Hall Peninsula, Baffin Island, Nunavut: A Preliminary Assessment Based on Chidliak Diamonds

Author: Nichols, KatieSupervisor: Thomas StachelYear (Degree): 2014 (MSc)