Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

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Faculty of Science

course IDcourse name
EAS 100Planet Earth
EAS 105The Dynamic Earth Through Time
EAS 110Earth Science Field School
EAS 200Introductory Studies in Earth Science
EAS 201Earth Sciences I
EAS 202Violent Weather
EAS 205Environment Earth
EAS 206Geology of the Solar System
EAS 207Mass Extinctions and Dinosaurs
EAS 208Introduction to Global Change
EAS 209Geology of Western Canada and the National and Provincial Parks
EAS 210Engineering Earth Science
EAS 212The Oceans
EAS 215Introduction to Arctic Environments and Climate
EAS 221Introduction to Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing
EAS 222Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
EAS 224Mineralogy I
EAS 225Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
EAS 230Introduction to Invertebrate Paleontology
EAS 232Mineralogy II
EAS 233Geologic Structures
EAS 234Geology Field School
EAS 237Geological Field Techniques
EAS 250Biogeography
EAS 270The Atmosphere
EAS 320Geochemistry I
EAS 323Introduction to Hydrogeology
EAS 324Quaternary Geoscience and Terrain Analysis
EAS 327Environmental Instrumentation
EAS 331Igneous Petrology
EAS 332Metamorphic Petrology
EAS 333Advanced Geology Field School
EAS 336Sedimentary Systems
EAS 351Environmental Applications of Geographical Information Systems
EAS 354Environmental Earth Science Field School
EAS 364Petroleum Geology and Subsurface Methods
EAS 368Ore Deposits Geology
EAS 370Applied Atmospheric Physics
EAS 371Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean I
EAS 373The Climate System
EAS 425Contaminant Hydrogeology
EAS 426Undergraduate Thesis
EAS 427Directed Study I
EAS 428Directed Study II
EAS 451Digital Remote Sensing
EAS 456Hydrologic Modeling
EAS 457Global Change
EAS 458Cold Regions Geoscience
EAS 460Geobiology
EAS 461Advanced Petrology: Diamond Exploration
EAS 462Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Basins
EAS 464Applied Hydrocarbon Geoscience
EAS 465Sedimentology
EAS 466Petrogenesis
EAS 467Planetary Geology
EAS 468Geochemical Processes
EAS 471Atmospheric Modelling
EAS 475Dynamics of the Atmosphere and Ocean II
EAS 520Reading and Seminar Course
EAS 536Mineralogy-Petrology-Geochemistry
EAS 539Isotope Geology: Radioactive Systems
EAS 540Isotope Geology: Stable Isotopes
EAS 541Topics in Structural Geology and Tectonics
EAS 547Methods and Instrumentation in Geology
EAS 555Advanced Hydrologic Modeling
EAS 560Advanced Geobiology
EAS 561Advanced Petrology: Diamond Exploration
EAS 562Advanced Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Basins
EAS 564Advanced Applied Hydrocarbon Geoscience
EAS 565Advanced Sedimentology
EAS 566Advanced Petrogenesis
EAS 567Advanced Planetary Geology
EAS 568Advanced Geochemical Processes
EAS 583Advanced Contaminant Hydrogeology
EAS 585Advanced Digital Remote Sensing
EAS 587Advanced Atmosphere-Ocean Dynamics
IPG 510Rock Properties, Petrophysics, Well Log Analysis
IPG 512Seismic Interpretation
IPG 514Petroleum Basin Analysis
IPG 516Petroleum Production
IPG 518Hydrocarbon Reservoir Analysis
IPG 610Seminar and Field Trips
PALEO 200Introduction to Dinosaurs in the Fossil Record
PALEO 201Dinosaurs in the Fossil Record
PALEO 202Early Vertebrate Evolution
PALEO 203Ancient Marine Reptiles
PALEO 204Theropod Dinosaurs and the Origin of Birds
PALEO 400Paleontology Field School
PALEO 419Paleobiology of the Higher Vertebrates
PALEO 520Problems in Vertebrate Paleobiology
PLAN 500Planning for Resilient Cities and Regions
PLAN 501Planning for Northern Regions and Resource Communities
PLAN 503Master's Project Proposal
PLAN 505Master's Major Project
PLAN 510Physical Planning and Design Fundamentals
PLAN 511Professional Practice and Ethics
PLAN 512Advanced Finance for Planners
PLAN 515Community Planning and Engagement
PLAN 516Planning Law
PLAN 517Advanced Planning Theory
PLAN 520Directed Study in Urban and Regional Planning
PLAN 555Advanced Environmental Planning
PLAN 570Advanced GIS for Planners
PLAN 585Advanced Topics in Planning
PLAN 595Advanced Planning Studio
PLAN 598Advanced Research Methods and Analysis
PLAN 599Advanced Practical Field Study in Planning
THES 903Thesis Research
THES 906Thesis Research
THES 909Thesis Research
THES 919Reduced Thesis-Only Fee
WKEXP 955Science Work Experience
WKEXP 956Science Work Experience II
WKEXP 957Science Work Experience III
WKEXP 958Science Work Experience IV

Faculty of Arts

course IDcourse name
HGP 100Introduction to Human Geography and Planning
HGP 210Introductory Planning History and Practice
HGP 211Introduction to Design Fundamentals for Planners
HGP 240Cities and Urbanism
HGP 250Natural Resources and Environmental Management
HGP 252Human Dimensions of Environmental Hazards
HGP 310Land Use Planning and Policy
HGP 315Community Planning and Engagement
HGP 316Planning Law
HGP 317Planning Theory
HGP 341Social and Cultural Geography
HGP 342The Spatial Economy
HGP 343Health, Space and Place
HGP 355Environmental Planning
HGP 381Topics in Human Geography and Planning
HGP 399Research Methods in Planning and Human Geography
HGP 410Professional Planning Practice and Ethics
HGP 412Finance for Planners
HGP 443Environment and Health
HGP 450Resource Management and Environmental Policy
HGP 470Geographical Information Systems and Advanced Cartography for Social Science
HGP 481Advanced Topics in Human Geography
HGP 485Advanced Topics in Planning
HGP 495Planning Studio
HGP 497Directed Study in Human Geography or Planning I
HGP 497ADirected Study in Human Geography or Planning I
HGP 497BDirected Study in Human Geography or Planning I
HGP 498Directed Study in Human Geography or Planning II
HGP 499Practical Study in Human Geography and Planning
HGP 499APractical Study in Human Geography and Planning
HGP 499BPractical Study in Human Geography and Planning
HGP 543Advanced Environment and Health
HGP 570Advanced Geographical Information Systems for Social Science
HGP 599Advanced Practical Study in Human Geography


Discontinued Courses

course IDcourse name
EAS 101Introduction to Physical Earth Science
EAS 102Introduction to Environmental Earth Science
EAS 103Earth and Life Through Time
EAS 190Spatial Organization of Human Activity
EAS 191Cultures, Landscapes and Societies
EAS 192Cultures, Landscapes and Geographic Space
EAS 203Earth Science II
EAS 204Environment Alberta
EAS 220Introduction to Computational Techniques in Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
EAS 223Introduction to Hydrogeology
EAS 231Principles of Sedimentation
EAS 235Clastic Sedimentology
EAS 236Carbonate Sedimentology
EAS 271The Climate System
EAS 275Physical Basis of Atmosphere/Ocean Sciences
EAS 290Human Impacts on the Environment
EAS 291Human Use of Resources
EAS 292Behavioral Dimensions of Resource and Environmental Management
EAS 293The Urban Environment
EAS 294Natural Resources and Environmental Management
EAS 295Human Dimensions of Environmental Hazards
EAS 296Planning Theory and Practice
EAS 321Structural Geology
EAS 322Petrology of Sedimentary Rocks
EAS 325Digital Mapping and Terrain Modelling
EAS 326Multivariate Statistical Methods for the Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
EAS 330Stratigraphy
EAS 352Surface Water Hydrology
EAS 372Weather Analysis and Forecasting
EAS 374Introduction to Numerical Modelling of the Atmosphere and Oceans
EAS 390Environmental Impact Assessment
EAS 391Introduction to Environmental Planning
EAS 392Research Methods in Human Geography
EAS 393Introduction to Social and Cultural Geography
EAS 394Issues in Human Geography
EAS 395Health, Space and Place
EAS 396The Spatial Economy
EAS 397Topics in Regional Geography
EAS 400The Practice of the Geological Profession
EAS 401Industrial Internship Practicum
EAS 402The Practice of the Geological Profession
EAS 420Environmental Geochemistry
EAS 421Structural Geology and Tectonics
EAS 422Basin Analysis
EAS 423Analytical Methods for Geochemistry and Mineralogy
EAS 424Subsurface Geological Methods
EAS 429Practical Study in Earth and Atmospheric Science
EAS 429APractical Study in Earth and Atmospheric Science
EAS 430Petroleum Geology
EAS 431Regional and Petroleum Hydrogeology
EAS 432Precambrian Geology
EAS 433Ore Deposits Geology
EAS 434Geochemistry of Ore Deposits
EAS 435Geotectonics
EAS 436Petrogenesis of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks
EAS 437Geology of Canada
EAS 452Topics in Earth Observation Science
EAS 453Arctic Environments
EAS 454Arid and Semiarid Environments
EAS 455Alpine Environments
EAS 470Clouds and Storms
EAS 472Earth and Climate System Modelling
EAS 476Introductory Microclimatology and Micrometeorology
EAS 491Resource Management and Environmental Policy
EAS 492Geographical Information Systems for Social Science
EAS 493Human Dimensions of Environmental Change
EAS 494Environment and Health
EAS 495Advanced Issues in Human Geography
EAS 497Directed Study in Human Geography I
EAS 498Directed Study in Human Geography II
EAS 499Practical Study in Human Geography
EAS 521Advanced Structural Geology and Tectonics
EAS 522Advanced Remote Sensing: Applications and Algorithms
EAS 523Advanced Topics in Earth Observation Science
EAS 524Paleoecology and Taphonomy
EAS 525Advanced Paleontology
EAS 527Geomicrobiology
EAS 530Principles of Ichnology
EAS 531Advanced Clastic Sedimentology
EAS 532Advanced Carbonate Sedimentology
EAS 533Advanced Petroleum Geology
EAS 534Historical Geology Seminar
EAS 535Selected Topics in Petrology
EAS 537Low Temperature Geochemistry
EAS 538High Temperature Geochemistry
EAS 542Selected Topics in Quaternary Geology
EAS 543Advanced Contaminant Hydrology
EAS 544Hydrogeology
EAS 545Regional Groundwater Flow
EAS 546Basin Modelling
EAS 550Advanced Fluvial Geomorphology
EAS 551Advanced Glacial Geomorphology
EAS 552Periglacial Geomorphology
EAS 553Ice Dynamics and Glacier Hydrology
EAS 554Circumpolar Quaternary Environments
EAS 556Topics in Geomorphology and Sedimentology
EAS 557Environmental Change
EAS 570Advanced Climatology
EAS 571Cloud and Precipitation Physics
EAS 572The Atmospheric Boundary Layer
EAS 581Advanced Regional and Petroleum Hydrogeology
EAS 582Advanced Geochemistry of Ore Deposits
EAS 584Advanced Clouds and Storms
EAS 586Advanced Petrogenesis of Igneous & Metamorphic Rocks
EAS 590Topics in Human Geography
EAS 591 Advanced Resource Management and Environmental Policy
EAS 592Advanced Geographical Information Systems for Social Science
EAS 593Advanced Human Dimensions of Global Change
EAS 594Advanced Environment and Health
EAS 600Research Skills and Ethics
HGP 382Topics in Regional Geography
HGP 401HGP Work Experience Practicum
HGP 452Human Dimensions of Environmental Change
HGP 500Topics in Human Geography
HGP 550Advanced Resource Management and Environmental Policy
HGP 552Advanced Human Dimensions of Global Change
HGP 581Advanced Issues in Human Geography
INTD 451Geography of Recreation and Leisure
INTD 594Quaternary Environments (full term)
IPG 601Independent Research Project
PALEO 318Paleobiology of the Lower Vertebrates
PALEO 319Paleobiology of the Higher Vertebrates
PALEO 412Selected Topics in Paleontology
PALEO 414Paleontology
PALEO 418Paleobiology of the Lower Vertebrates.
PALEO 512Advanced Selected Topics in Paleontology
PALEO 513Advanced Paleontology
PLAN 506Master's Planning Internship
SCI 100Integrated Science
WKEXP 411EAS Work Experience
WKEXP 412EAS Work Experience
WKEXP 413EAS Work Experience