Computing Facilities

The EAS Department maintains two instructional computer laboratories. Both labs are equipped with modern PC workstations and high-resolution monitors. Software common to both labs includes MS Windows, MS Office as well as number of utilities (PuTTY, WinZip, Acrobat Reader, PDF Writer, etc). All computers are part of a high-speed campus-wide network and provide access to the departmental file and application servers as well as other resources available through IST.

Junior undergraduate computer laboratory

The junior undergraduate computer laboratory is located in Room 2-87 in the Tory Building and serves as a primary facility for our introductory courses. It contains  workstations for students as well as the instructor's PC. It is also outfitted with an overhead projector.

Professional software in this facility helps students and instructors in achieving high educational standards:

Senior undergraduate computer laboratory

The senior undergraduate computer laboratory is located in room 1-39 in the Earth Sciences Building and includes 16 students’ workstations, instructor’s PC as well as an overhead SVGA projector. This lab is primarily intended for teaching of senior-undergraduate and graduate-level courses and provides professional GIS, Remote Sensing and graphical software:

Both computer labs are outfitted with card-swipe access and available 7:00 A.M. - 11:00 P.M. (except for scheduled class sessions). Tory 2-87 lab is open 7 days a week and ESB 1-39 is open Monday - Saturday.

For any concerns about hardware/software, please submit a ticket or contact IST.