Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Mineralogy Undergraduate Laboratory

Students gain hands-on experience in mineral identification using a working hand sample collection of over 150 different minerals and in crystallography using more than 100 three-dimensional ball-and-spoke models, which depict the atomic bonding of different crystal structures. The Mineralogy Undergraduate Laboratory also houses Ward’s Mineral Collection containing over 430 samples and a display unit exhibiting various diagnostic properties of minerals. Optical mineralogy is undertaken by students using Nikon ECLIPSE E400 POL Polarizing Microscopes.

A Nikon Polarizing Microscope, equipped with a digital camera, and an ELMO P10 Visual Presenter are used to not only to capture images of thin sections and hand samples but to view real time images on a LCD projection screen and on a 30-inch wide TFT-LCD monitor. The 2560 x 1600 maximum resolution of the monitor allows for true replication of the microscope image.

Location: ESB 3-04