Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Ore Deposits Undergraduate Laboratory

The Ore Deposits Undergraduate Laboratory contains a total of eleven Nikon ECLIPSE 50i POL Polarizing Microscopes, each equipped with a Nikon LV-UEPI Universal Epi Illuminator, allowing for a quick and easy transition between transmitted and reflected light microscopy.

A digital camera connected to one of these microscopes allows instructors and students to view real time images on a 30-inch wide TFT-LCD monitor or LCD projection screen as well as capture and store images. The 2560 x 1600 maximum resolution of the monitor allows for true replication of the microscope image. An ELMO P10 Visual Presenter is used to project real time images of hand specimens on the LCD projection screen, and also to capture these images. Samples from over 100 ore suites collected from around the world are housed and viewed in this lab.

Location: ESB 3-07