Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Shell Canada Core Viewing Facility

The Shell Canada Core Viewing Facility was established in 2003 with the gift of over 6000 m of drill core, twenty layout tables and associated funding from Shell Canada Limited. The drill core donated by Shell Canada forms the foundation of the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences' drill core collection. The Department's existing teaching and research core collections have been integrated with this donation creating a comprehensive collection.

The drill core is a valuable asset and greatly enhances Earth and Atmospheric Sciences' teaching and research programs. The support of Shell Canada has provided an important facility in which to train students in reservoir description and provides them the opportunity to gain "hands-on" experience with subsurface core.

The Facility was first located in the South Lab building, but was moved in 2005 to the basement of the South Academic Building. Three principal areas comprise the Facility - the classroom in room B-26, the research area in room B-22, and the core archive in room B-04. The archive houses the collection on reinforced steel and wood racking. The research area provides the principal layout space, temporary shelving, and houses some specialized analytical equipment. The classroom is used both for scheduled laboratory sessions, and as additional layout space. The collection of drill core originates mainly from the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, with a focus on core from Saskatchewan. The materials include carbonate, clastic, and evaporite sequences as well as shorter cores from the oil sands of northern Alberta.