Agrawal Sandeep780-492-1230Tory 3-107 AProfessor and Director of the Planning Program
Alessi Daniel780-492-8019CCIS 3-021Assistant Professor and Encana Chair in Water Resources
Amrhein Carl780-492-3443Tory 3-094Professor
Bhatia MayaCCIS 2-273Assistant Professor and CAIP Chair in Watershed Science
Birchall Jeff780-248-5758Tory 3-115Assistant Professor
Bush Andrew780-492-0351CCIS 3-271Professor
Caldwell Michael780-492-3458Z408 Bio SciProfessor (EAS/Biological Sciences)
Catuneanu Octavian780-492-6569CCIS 3-020Professor
Chacko Tom780-492-5395ESB 4-10Professor and Associate Chair (Graduate Studies)
Clark Fred780-492-3266ESB 1-16 BFaculty Lecturer
Collins Damian780-492-3197Tory 3-092Associate Professor
Creaser Robert780-492-2942ESB 3-18 AProfessor & Canada Research Chair in Isotope Geochemistry
Criscitiello AlisonFaculty Service Officer, Canadian Ice Core Archives Facility and Lab Manager
Deacon Leith780-248-5761Tory 3-117Assistant Professor
Dey Nuttall Anita780-492-9089Ring-House 3Associate Director UAlberta North
DuFrane Andy780-492-4354ESB 3-26Faculty Service Officer & ICPMS Facility Lab Manager
Evans Joshua780-492-3619Tory 3-123Assistant Professor
Faramarzi MonirehCCIS 3-027Assistant Professor - Campus Alberta Innovates Program Chair in Watershed Science
Froese Duane780-492-1968CCIS 3-029Professor & Canada Research Chair in Northern Environmental Change
Gamon John780-492-0345CCIS 2-277Professor
Garvin Theresa780-492-4593Tory 3-096Professor
Gingras Murray780-492-1963CCIS 3-011Professor and Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies)
Harris Nicholas780-492-0356ESB 2-04 BProfessor & Director of the IPG Program
Heaman Larry780-492-2778ESB 4-018Distinguished University Professor
Herd Christopher780-492-5798ESB 1-17Professor
Hesketh MichaelCCIS 2-038 CCEOS Technician (supervisor: MJ Turnell)
Jensen Britta780-492-3430ESB 3-002Assistant Professor
Johnston Stephen780-492-5249ESB 3-19AProfessor and Chair
Jones Brian780-492-3074ESB 2-03Distinguished University Professor
Kavanaugh Jeffrey780-492-1740CCIS 3-009Associate Professor
Konhauser Kurt780-492-2571ESB 3-13 AProfessor
Konstantinovskaya ElenaESB 4-02Associated Director, Integrated Petroleum Geosciences
Lecumberri-Sanchez Pilar780-492-5071ESB 3-003Assistant Professor
Leighton Lindsey780-492-3983ESB 1-01 BProfessor
Li Long780-492-9288CCIS 3-028Assistant Professor & Canada Research Chair in Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Locock Andrew780-492-3191ESB B-12Faculty Service Officer, Electron Probe Microanalyzer (EPMA) Lab Manager
Luth Robert780-492-2740ESB 1-10Professor
McGee Tara780-492-3042Tory 3-089Professor
Muehlenbachs Karlis780-492-2827ESB 3-22 AProfessor
Myers Paul780-492-6706CCIS 3-273Professor and Associate Chair (Research)
Pearson Graham780-492-4156ESB 1-19 AProfessor and Canada Excellence Research Chair
Pemberton George780-492-2044ESB 3-30 CDistinguished University Professor & C.R. Stelck Chair in Petroleum Geology
Potter David780-248-1972CCIS 3-089Professor (EAS/Physics)
Reuter Gerhard780-492-0358CCIS 3-275Professor
Reyes Alberto780-492-8171CCIS 2-275Assistant Professor
Rivard Benoit780-492-0349CCIS 2-063Professor
Rostron Ben780-492-2178CCIS 3-065Professor
Sanchez Arturo780-492-1822CCIS 2-065Professor
Sharp Martin780-492-8546CCIS 2-281Professor
Shirgaokar Manish780-492-2802Tory 3-113Assistant Professor
Singh Amrita780-492-4999Tory 3-98Assistant Professor
Stachel Thomas780-492-0865ESB 1-014Professor and Canada Research Chair in Diamonds
Steele-MacInnis MatthewESB 4-006Assistant Professor
Stern Richard780-248-1063CCIS 3-061Faculty Service Officer, Managing Director, Canadian Centre for Isotopic Microanalysis
Summers Robert780-492-0342Tory 3-090Faculty Service Officer- Instructor/Planning Program Coordinator
Sutherland Bruce780-492-0573CCIS 3-269Professor (EAS/Physics)
Turnell Mary-Jane780-492-3216ESB 1-026 BAssistant Chair (Admin)
Unsworth Martyn780-492-3041CCIS 3 -102Professor (EAS/Physics)
Waldron John780-492-3892CCIS 3-022Professor
Wilson John780-492-0353CCIS 3-277Professor
Wilson SiobhanCCIS 3-272Associate Professor
Woodland Sarah780-340-6995ESB 4-06Faculty Services Officer & Manager, Arctic Resources GeoChemistry Facility
Zonneveld John-Paul780-492-3287CCIS 3-010Professor

63 records