Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Support Staff

Banas Anetta780-492-0355ESB 1-016 CDERTS CREATE Coordinator
Budney Lisa780-288-0109ESB 1-042Collections and Museums Administrator
Carlson Peter780-492-6443ESB 1-060 BField Support Technician
Chen Guangcheng780-492-3328ESB 1-039 BGeochem Technician
Craig ShyraGeothermal Admin and Outreach (supervisor: Banks)
Dhillon Melissa780-492-7988ESB 1-026Undergrad Program Admin
Dokken RobertCCIS L2-305CCIM Lab Technician (Temporary Staff) (supervisor: Stern)
Gerein Nathan780-492-5746ESB 2-017 CSem Lab Technician
Harley WalterThin Section Tech (supervisor: Labbe)
Huff Marilyn780-492-8043ESB 3-004 AGeology Undergrad Lab Coordinator
Jakab Igor780-492-0340ESB 2-027 BDIF Supervisor / Webmaster
Krezanowski Lisa780-492-2502ESB 1-026 CFinance Administrator
Laakso Kati780-492-4766CCIS 2-049CEOS Lab Coordinator (supervisor: Sanchez)
Labbe Mark780-492-7301HH 1-005Thin Section Lab Supr
LeBlanc James780-492-3328ESB 1-039 BMass Spec Tech
Levner Olga780-492-2827ESB 3-022Technician (supervisor: Muehlenbachs)
Luo Yan780-492-3328ESB 1-039 BLaser Ablation Technical Specialist
Maadhra Manveen780-492-4825ESB 1-030 AHuman Resources Administrator (supervisor: Johnston)
Molinaro Darrin780-996-0839CCIS L1-272Undergrad Lab Coord (supervisor: Leighton)
Moore Krystle780-492-9657ESB 3-018 BTechnician (supervisor: Creaser)
Murphy LauraTory 2-092Affordable Housing Solutions Lab Research Coordinator (supervisor: Evans)
Myers AnneIce Core Laboratory Analyst (supervisor: Criscitiello)
Nichols Katie780-288-3554ESB 2-012XRD & Safety Technician (supervisor: Johnston)
Noseworthy Nadine780-492-3265ESB 1-026General Administration Assistant/Communications (supervisor: Johnston)
Pumple JoelCCIS L2-356Project Installation Manager for the Permafrost Archives Lab (supervisor: Froese)
Quraishi Sana780-492-0341ESB 1-026Research Grants Administrator (supervisor: Krezanowski)
Simms Mark780-492-9657ESB 3-018 BLab Technician (supervisor: Creaser)
Stefaniuk Rob K780-492-5948HH 1-009Technician/Electronic
Thompson Nancy780-492-4416ESB 1-026Planning Program Coordinator
Ziger Barbara780-492-1118ESB 1-03Technician (supervisor: Creaser)

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