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Earth and Atmospheric Sciences encompasses the study of the atmosphere, surface and interior of the Earth. The Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences is unique in Canada in that it offers its students an interdisciplinary approach to the study of environmental earth science, geology, atmospheric science and geography. Students in our department take courses from nationally and internationally recognized scholars who are at the forefront of their science. The department is distinguished, nationally and internationally, for its research in geology, arctic studies, geomorphology and in the atmospheric sciences.

We offer eight different programs, six in the Faculty of Science and two in the Faculty of Arts. Honors and Specialization degree programs are offered in the Faculty of Science in Atmospheric Sciences, Environmental Earth Sciences, Geology, Paleontology (Honors only) and Planning (Specialization only). A B.Sc General degree may also be obtained with an Earth Science major or minor. Students may earn a B.A with a major or minor in Human Geography or a major in Planning in the Faulty of Arts. Please contact the Undergraduate Advisors with any questions or comments about the programs.

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