Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Advisors and Administrators

Listed below are the undergraduate advisors for the programs offered by the Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences. Advisors should be consulted when planning programs and should approve any options you are planning to take.



Melissa Dhillon
Undergraduate Program Administrator

The Undergraduate Program Administrator is the first point of contact for students enrolled in EAS courses and in our Specialization and Honors Programs on procedural matters such as timetabling, registration and course changes. She will attend to your queries and/or direct you to the appropriate person(s) or units on campus to ensure that your issue is dealt with.

Melissa Dhillon also administers the department's Science Internship Program (SIP) and is the liaison with the Industry partners for the duration of the student's placement.

Dr. Murray Gingras
Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies)

Dr. Gingras is responsible for the administration of the Undergraduate Degree programs in EAS, including admissions, transfers and assessment of degree requirements. Students are invited to contact Dr. Gingras on any issue relating to their undergraduate program.