Atmospheric Sciences

Atmospheric Science is the study of the Earth's atmosphere, weather and climate. It deals with weather forecasting and with the dynamical, physical and chemical processes that control winds, clouds and storms. The study of atmospheric science offers the opportunity to investigate the forces that shape weather and climate and the ways in which human activities can affect our weather and climate through the introduction of pollutants into the atmosphere. Computer models of weather and climate play an essential role.

Atmospheric scientists find employment in government agencies and private companies that provide weather forecasts to the public and to specialized users (e.g. military, aviation, marine, transportation, forestry and agricultural sectors). Career opportunities are also available in environmental consulting, weather modification and global change.

For most careers in the atmospheric sciences, a master's degree is now a prerequisite. University of Alberta BSc Honors and Specialization degrees provide excellent preparation for subsequent graduate studies.

Honors In Atmospheric Sciences:

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Specialization In Atmospheric Sciences:

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