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As of 2006, the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences has been involved in an undergraduate student exchange with 4 foreign universities: Leeds (School of Earth and Environment); Royal Holloway, University of London (Department of Geology); Oslo, Norway (Department of Geosciences), and Otago, New Zealand (Department of Geography). As EAS students, you have the opportunity to spend a year abroad, taking courses that might be unique to that institution, experiencing a completely new lifestyle, yet still earning credits to your UofA degree.

This page is a first step in finding out how you can take advantage of this great opportunity – more details are found in the following link “Study Abroad Tips”. The person in the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences who will be your closest contact is Dr. Kurt Konhauser, the Year Overseas Coordinator. His email is

Also in our department, Dr. Murray Gingras, Professor and Associate Chair (Undergraduate Studies); Dr. Peter Kershaw, Environmental Earth Sciences Advisor; and Dr. Fred Clark, Geology Advisor, will be relevant contacts in terms of degree requirement questions.

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We have various sources of information about the universities, departments etc. which you can draw upon to help you choose which university you would like to go to.

  1. The University of Alberta International Education Abroad office can facilitate your exchange and/or internship program. Contact them at:

    Education Abroad Program
    University of Alberta International
    3-600 Enterprise Square
    10230 Jasper Ave
    Phone: 780-492-6040


    The Education Abroad Program Office in the HUB mall keeps various brochures and course catalogues for the exchange universities.
  2. The university and department websites are vital sources of information. The websites for each department are listed below.