East Asian Studies

Ethics Training Requirement

All graduate students at the University of Alberta, regardless of their field of study, are required to fulfill the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Academic Integrity and Ethics Training Requirement consisting of at least eight hours of structured academic activity. 

Part of the requirement (five hours) must be met by completing the online Graduate Ethics Training (GET) Course.  For students in the Department of East Asian Studies, the remaining three hours are generally covered within the department, usually in EASIA 598.

EASIA 598 is a pro-seminar on studies of East Asia, which is offered in the fall semester and required for first-year graduate students in East Asian Studies. 

Students will take the online GET course developed by FGSR as an assignment for the course.  Additionally, three class hours of EASIA 598 will be devoted to the discussion of academic integrity and ethics issues including graduate student-faculty relationships and integrity and scholarship.