East Asian Studies


                                                         THESIS TITLE

Fall 2017


The Influence of Bookshop Printing on the Creation of the Sequels to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms


Spring 2017

Cho,Mi Kwi Inventing a Language: Translation Words in Meiji Japan
Li,Mengqi Living on the Periphery: Ryukyuan and Ainu Third-Space Identity under Japanese Colonization
Miyaguchi,Tetsuya V-na(sa)-soo da: A Survey-Based Study of Evidential 'Variants' in Japanese
Sluchinski,Kerry Lynn The ta Phenomenon in Chinese Social Media
Traynor,Jane Kamjing Treading in the Formaldehyde of Tradition: Kata as Somatic Text in the Japanese No and Kyogen Theatres


Fall 2016

Hou,Yijing Between Synchronization and Differentiation: Jin Shengtan`s Engagement with Du Fu`s Poetry
Oralova,Gaisha Minimal Response Token en in Mandarin Conversation
Yu,Lulu Layered Performativity in New Songs From the Jade Terrace (Yutai Xinyong): A Discussion on the Compilation, Poems on Female Entertainers


Spring 2016

Funabashi,Eric Obento Talks: Women's Use of Social Media to Communicate in Japanese Food Culture
Takei,Honoka An Investigation of Direct Object Markers in the Ikema Dialect of Miyako


Fall 2015

Leung,Chun Yin Presenting Hybridity: Hong Kongese in Koon-Chung Chan's Hong Kong Trilogy
Luo,Jie The Interactional Functions of Yinwei-Clauses in Mandarin Conversation
Yang,Wendai A Study of the Interactional Function of the Tag Question Dui Bu Dui in Mandarin Conversation from a Multimodal Perspective


Spring 2015

Qiu,Peng A Preliminary Investigation of Yilan Creole in Taiwan: Discussing Predicate Position in Yilan Creole


Fall 2014

Chen,Liangchi New Taipei Women's Images in Taiwanese Cinema in the 1980s
Tang,Qian A Study of Chinese Internet Homophones from the Systemic Functional Perspective


Spring 2014

Miyamoto,Tomoka From Karuto or "Cult" to the Mainstream: The Reconstruction of Public Images by a Japanese Religious Group
Tang,Lisa Transgressing Conformity: Taiwanese Women in Tzeng Ching-Wen's Short Stories

Fall 2013
Barndt,Jillian Rose Women of the Rear Palace: Naishi No Kami and the Fujiwara Clan
Cheung,Helen Kwan Yee The Social Functions of Cantonese Opera in the Edmonton Chinese Community 1890-2009: From Sojourners to Settlers
Guo,Zijuan From Silence to Heteroglossia: The Development of Feminine Self in Li Ang's Fiction (1983-2005)
Smith,Jenna Lynn Style Shifting in Japanese Native/Non-Native Conversation: An in Depth Analysis of Short/Long Form Usage
Yang,Jie A Multimodal Study of Response Token Dui Dui Dui in Mandarin Conversation
Zhang,Yishuang Inner World of Drifting Chinese People: Narrative Functions of Motifs in Peter Ho-sun Chan's Love Trilogy


Spring 2013

Liu,Jing The Subject-Formation of the Mainlanders in Taipei People
Reeves,Kristopher Preludes: On Metaphorical Spaces and the Socio-Political Function of Preludes in the Heian Court


Fall 2012

Qin,Longlu A Conversational Study of the Particle ne in Mandarin Chinese


Spring 2012

Katayama,Akemi Effects of Instruction on Japanese Discourse Marker N Desu


Fall 2011

Chen,Kai The Narrative Function of "Meal Scenes" in Ang Lee's Family Trilogy
Slobodian,Lora Karaito Soshi: A Tale of Optimism and Good Fortune


Fall 2010

Isaka,Yukiko Using Plain Forms but Still Being Polite: Speech Style Shifting as an International Phenomenon in Japanese Native and Non-Native Talk
Walker,Neill Recipient Response Behaviour during Japanese Storytelling: A Combined Quantitative Multimodal Approach
Yang,Li Mirroring the Wu School: Ma Shouzhen's Orchid Painting


Fall 2009

Abe,Yuji Combining Clauses by Native and Non-Native Speakers of Japanese
Carter,Barbara The Use of First Person Pronouns by Non-Native Speakers of Japanese


Fall 2008

Krekoski,Ross Utterances and Coherence: A Study of Japanese Conversation
Sasaki,Yumi The Multifunctionality of the Japanese Connective Dakara and Diachrony


Fall 2007

Smith,Craig Constructing a Trauma: Writing Taiwan's 228 Incident


Spring 2007

Cai,Zheng Cold Literature: On Goa Xingjian's Novels and Stories


Fall 2005

Callaghan,Sean A Question of Sympathy: Encounters with Kobayashi Yoshinori
Dymarz,Anna The Space of the Body in the "Anti-World": A study of Kurahasmi Yumilo's Early Writing


Fall 2004

Higashida,Kazuko Nathionalism vs Economism in Japan's Territorial Disputes


Spring 2004

Hayes,Vanessa Jiang qing Revisited
Zhang,Yin Internet Control in China: A Digital Panopticon


Spring 2003

Rudzinska,Jolanta State-Sponsored and Cultural Influences onEnglish Language Teaching and Learning in Japanese Junior and Senior High Schools


Fall 2002

Cosco,Josephine Nushu (Women's Script): Asserting Cultural Difference in the Other Tongue


Spring 2002

Campbell,Mhairi Wang Ruoxu (1174-1243) and his Talks on Poetry
Rubin,Samantha John Inc: The Making of Japan's Salaried Men into Clients of High School Prostitutes


Fall 2000

Kim,Jin Hwan The South Korea Financial Crisis: Debt-Leveraged Development, Liberalization, and a Loss of Soverignity


Spring 2000

Barnett,Tara Yugei: Idle Arts in Tokugawa Japan
Henitiuk,Valerie Female Resistance: Spatial metaphor in Japanese Women's Literature of the Mid-Heian Period
Lam,Karen Images of Women in Ming (1368-1644) Fiction: the Femmes Fatales in Sanyan Erpai


Fall 1999

Phillips,Gretchen Trendy or Timeless: The Classical Heritage of Contemporary Japanese Television Love Stories


Fall 1998

Noce,Laura China as an Emerging Power: Issues Related to Territorial Integrity