East Asian Studies

Former Graduate Students

                                                         THESIS TITLE

Fall 2017


The Influence of Bookshop Printing on the Creation of the Sequels to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms


Spring 2017

Cho,Mi Kwi Inventing a Language: Translation Words in Meiji Japan
Li,Mengqi Living on the Periphery: Ryukyuan and Ainu Third-Space Identity under Japanese Colonization
Miyaguchi,Tetsuya V-na(sa)-soo da: A Survey-Based Study of Evidential 'Variants' in Japanese
Sluchinski,Kerry Lynn The ta Phenomenon in Chinese Social Media
Traynor,Jane Kamjing Treading in the Formaldehyde of Tradition: Kata as Somatic Text in the Japanese No and Kyogen Theatres


Fall 2016

Hou,Yijing Between Synchronization and Differentiation: Jin Shengtan`s Engagement with Du Fu`s Poetry
Oralova,Gaisha Minimal Response Token en in Mandarin Conversation
Yu,Lulu Layered Performativity in New Songs From the Jade Terrace (Yutai Xinyong): A Discussion on the Compilation, Poems on Female Entertainers


Spring 2016

Funabashi,Eric Obento Talks: Women's Use of Social Media to Communicate in Japanese Food Culture
Takei,Honoka An Investigation of Direct Object Markers in the Ikema Dialect of Miyako


Fall 2015

Leung,Chun Yin Presenting Hybridity: Hong Kongese in Koon-Chung Chan's Hong Kong Trilogy
Luo,Jie The Interactional Functions of Yinwei-Clauses in Mandarin Conversation
Yang,Wendai A Study of the Interactional Function of the Tag Question Dui Bu Dui in Mandarin Conversation from a Multimodal Perspective


Spring 2015

Qiu,Peng A Preliminary Investigation of Yilan Creole in Taiwan: Discussing Predicate Position in Yilan Creole


Fall 2014

Chen,Liangchi New Taipei Women's Images in Taiwanese Cinema in the 1980s
Tang,Qian A Study of Chinese Internet Homophones from the Systemic Functional Perspective


Spring 2014

Miyamoto,Tomoka From Karuto or "Cult" to the Mainstream: The Reconstruction of Public Images by a Japanese Religious Group
Tang,Lisa Transgressing Conformity: Taiwanese Women in Tzeng Ching-Wen's Short Stories

Fall 2013
Barndt,Jillian Rose Women of the Rear Palace: Naishi No Kami and the Fujiwara Clan
Cheung,Helen Kwan Yee The Social Functions of Cantonese Opera in the Edmonton Chinese Community 1890-2009: From Sojourners to Settlers
Guo,Zijuan From Silence to Heteroglossia: The Development of Feminine Self in Li Ang's Fiction (1983-2005)
Smith,Jenna Lynn Style Shifting in Japanese Native/Non-Native Conversation: An in Depth Analysis of Short/Long Form Usage
Yang,Jie A Multimodal Study of Response Token Dui Dui Dui in Mandarin Conversation
Zhang,Yishuang Inner World of Drifting Chinese People: Narrative Functions of Motifs in Peter Ho-sun Chan's Love Trilogy


Spring 2013

Liu,Jing The Subject-Formation of the Mainlanders in Taipei People
Reeves,Kristopher Preludes: On Metaphorical Spaces and the Socio-Political Function of Preludes in the Heian Court


Fall 2012

Qin,Longlu A Conversational Study of the Particle ne in Mandarin Chinese


Spring 2012

Katayama,Akemi Effects of Instruction on Japanese Discourse Marker N Desu


Fall 2011

Chen,Kai The Narrative Function of "Meal Scenes" in Ang Lee's Family Trilogy
Slobodian,Lora Karaito Soshi: A Tale of Optimism and Good Fortune


Fall 2010

Isaka,Yukiko Using Plain Forms but Still Being Polite: Speech Style Shifting as an International Phenomenon in Japanese Native and Non-Native Talk
Walker,Neill Recipient Response Behaviour during Japanese Storytelling: A Combined Quantitative Multimodal Approach
Yang,Li Mirroring the Wu School: Ma Shouzhen's Orchid Painting


Fall 2009

Abe,Yuji Combining Clauses by Native and Non-Native Speakers of Japanese
Carter,Barbara The Use of First Person Pronouns by Non-Native Speakers of Japanese


Fall 2008

Krekoski,Ross Utterances and Coherence: A Study of Japanese Conversation
Sasaki,Yumi The Multifunctionality of the Japanese Connective Dakara and Diachrony


Fall 2007

Smith,Craig Constructing a Trauma: Writing Taiwan's 228 Incident


Spring 2007

Cai,Zheng Cold Literature: On Goa Xingjian's Novels and Stories


Fall 2005

Callaghan,Sean A Question of Sympathy: Encounters with Kobayashi Yoshinori
Dymarz,Anna The Space of the Body in the "Anti-World": A study of Kurahasmi Yumilo's Early Writing


Fall 2004

Higashida,Kazuko Nathionalism vs Economism in Japan's Territorial Disputes


Spring 2004

Hayes,Vanessa Jiang qing Revisited
Zhang,Yin Internet Control in China: A Digital Panopticon


Spring 2003

Rudzinska,Jolanta State-Sponsored and Cultural Influences onEnglish Language Teaching and Learning in Japanese Junior and Senior High Schools


Fall 2002

Cosco,Josephine Nushu (Women's Script): Asserting Cultural Difference in the Other Tongue


Spring 2002

Campbell,Mhairi Wang Ruoxu (1174-1243) and his Talks on Poetry
Rubin,Samantha John Inc: The Making of Japan's Salaried Men into Clients of High School Prostitutes


Fall 2000

Kim,Jin Hwan The South Korea Financial Crisis: Debt-Leveraged Development, Liberalization, and a Loss of Soverignity


Spring 2000

Barnett,Tara Yugei: Idle Arts in Tokugawa Japan
Henitiuk,Valerie Female Resistance: Spatial metaphor in Japanese Women's Literature of the Mid-Heian Period
Lam,Karen Images of Women in Ming (1368-1644) Fiction: the Femmes Fatales in Sanyan Erpai


Fall 1999

Phillips,Gretchen Trendy or Timeless: The Classical Heritage of Contemporary Japanese Television Love Stories


Fall 1998

Noce,Laura China as an Emerging Power: Issues Related to Territorial Integrity