Former Graduate Students


Harada, Keisuke Quotative Particles to and tte in Formal Japanese Conversations


Danzinger, Matthew Translating Japanese Free-Verse Poetry: Strategy and Theory in Translating Kawaji Ryūkō’s Roadside Flowers (Robō no hana)
Tian, Nuohang Chinese Serial-picture Storybooks: A Case Study of Zhao Hongben
Wu, Dongyue

The Modernist Self in Early-Twentieth-Century Japanese Literature: Shishōsetsu (the “I-novel”) and the Writings of Shiga Naoya

Zhou, Yuzhi The Daitokuji Five Hundred Arhats Paintings and Their Beholders


Li, Wenzhu The Paradox of ‘Women’s Poetry’ and Literary Feminism
Mamos, Thomas High Tension: Reconsidering interiority in the works of Qiu Miaojin and Wu Ming-yi
Nan, Mingxue When Routes become Roots: Liu Na’ou, Jiang Wenye, and Their Transnational Cultural Productions, 1923-1945
Noda, Minako How the Japanese “Contrastive” kedo is Structured and Used in Everyday Conversation
Ogawa, Chiho The Vitality of the Ikema Dialect of Miyako Ryukyuan
San Diego, Alexandra K-Pop Orientalism: US Cultural Imperialism in Korean Popular Music from 1954 to 2018


Huang, Ying Songzi Guanyin and Koyasu Kannon: Revisiting the Feminization of Avalokiteśvara in China and Japan
Li, Lin Traditionalism, Transnationalism, and Modernism in Fu Baoshi's 1943 Paintings of the Red Cliff
Ngan, Li Ling Beyond Cantonese: Articulation, Narrative and Memory in Sinophone Hong Kong, Singaporean and Malaysian Literature
Ren, Shan Kyokutei Bakin's Eight Dogs and Chinese Vernacular Novels
Song, Zixuan Collaborative Construction of Turns in Mandarin Conversation
Vukadinovich, Stefana Interactional Functions of Imperative Turns in Mandarin Conversation
Wang, Peng Konbini as Microcosms: How Japanese Convenience Stores Both Shape and Are Shaped by Their Society
Wang, Xuanying Three Tropes in the Zhuangzi
Zhou, Shuyao From Youth to Midlife: The Historical Trajectory of Individual Life in Three Films Adapted from Wang Shuo's Novels


Daiju, Saori The Unspecified Use of Demonstrative are in Japanese EverydayTalk
Jiang, Xuxiang Voices from In-Between: Korean Chinese Identity Under the Gazes of China and South Korea
Tariq, Ana The "Fuzzy" Boundary Between Two Types of Japanese Adjectives
Wang, Xiaoyun Interactional Functions of Suoyi "so' in Mandarin Conversation
Zhang, Yuan Anticipating Correlative Thinking: A Comparative Analysis of the Laozi and Phaedrus


Chen, Zhuorui The Influence of Bookshop Printing on the Creation of the Sequels to the Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Cho, Mi Kwi Inventing a Language: Translation Words in Meiji Japan
Li, Mengqi Living on the Periphery: Ryukyuan and Ainu Third-Space Identity under Japanese Colonization
Miyaguchi, Tetsuya V-na(sa)-soo da: A Survey-Based Study of Evidential 'Variants' in Japanese
Sluchinski, Kerry The ta Phenomenon in Chinese Social Media
Traynor, Jane Kamjing Treading in the Formaldehyde of Tradition: Kata as Somatic Text in the Japanese No and Kyogen Theatres