East Asian Studies

Graduate Student Funding

All applicants to our MA program are eligible for funding.  Our own internal departmental funding is usually used to hire incoming MA students to work as teaching assistants for our introductory undergraduate classes.  We offer several such funding packages per year, and these are usually more than enough to offset the cost of tuition.

In addition, excellent applicants are eligible for the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research MA recruitment scholarships.  In order for us to nominate you for such a scholarship, you must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.7 or higher, with excellent demonstrated research potential.  In addition, you should be making applications to other top universities.

No special application is necessary for these funding opportunities.  We will automatically consider all eligible students whose admission applications are completed by the due date.

In addition, there are other important funding sources available, both for Canadians, and for international students.

For Canadian citizens and permanent residents

All Canadian citizens and permanent residents are strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships from the Canada Graduate Scholarships Master’s Competition (CGS-M).  This is one of the best scholarships available to students in MA programs at the University of Alberta, paying $17,500 per year with no work requirement.  Under normal circumstances, any winner of a CGS-M scholarship will almost always be granted admission to our program.  However, interested students must make a separate application for CGS-M scholarships; these are not awarded as part of our regular admissions process.  To begin an application, visit the FGSR’s scholarship website.  PLEASE NOTE: the application deadline for the CGS-M scholarship is DECEMBER 1; this is far earlier than our own application for admission to the MA program, which is not due until JANUARY 15

In addition to the CGS-M, our students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents are also eligible to apply for Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Queen Elizabeth II scholarships, and students are strongly encouraged to do so.  However, application for these scholarships is not part of the admissions process.

For international students

In addition to the recruitment scholarships and TA opportunities mentioned above, international applicants may be eligible for scholarships from various government agencies or foundations in their home countries.  For example, American applicants may be eligible for funding through the Fulbright program.   There are also many very narrowly-directed scholarships, large and small, which are available from private foundations across the world.  Some of these may be found easily through search engines, but others are quite obscure.  All students are recommended to consult with their undergraduate university’s career office for help in locating appropriate scholarships for which they may apply.

Any student who is able to win an external scholarship competition from their home country will be given preferential consideration for admission to our MA program.