East Asian Studies

MA Program Description

1. Degrees Offered

At present the Department of East Asian Studies is only able to offer the degree of Master of Arts (MA), thesis based, at the graduate level.  Students who wish to continue on to the PhD degree are often able to do so within another department of the Faculty of Arts.

International students who already possess an MA from an institution in their home countries, but who need to pursue a second MA are welcome to apply to our department. This course of study is often recommended for those international students who have had limited exposure to Western research methods and English-language research publication, since scholarly standards and expectations in North America are very different from those prevalent in Asia.

2. Program Requirements

The MA degree requires a thesis and a minimum of 18 units of course weight (normally six 3-credit courses). The exact number of courses and their areas will be determined on an individual basis.

For MA degrees in all areas within the Department, there are two required core courses that are generally taken by students in their first year, EASIA 598 and EASIA 575 (descriptions below). In addition, up to 6 units of course weight (two courses) from other departments or units that can strengthen the degree may be counted as part of the program. For example, for students in literature, courses in Western literary theory in Modern Languages and Cultural Studies, Comparative Literature, or English may be considered as part of the degree. The final choice of such courses to be counted will be at the recommendation of the student's advisor and at the discretion of the Department's Graduate Committee.

Core Courses:

EASIA 575 - East Asian Language Pedagogy 
Discussion and application of the theory and practice of teaching East Asian languages. Lectures in English.

EASIA 598 - Topics in East Asian Research 
An inquiry into the diversity of disciplines used in the study of East Asian literatures and cultures.

3. Program Length

The time required to complete the MA program will vary with the individual candidate. A student will normally complete the program requirements in two years. The university time limit for completing the thesis-based MA degree is four years from the date of first registration.

4. Graduate Supervision

The Chair of the Graduate Committee serves as the General Advisor to graduate students, advising all graduate students in their first semester of study, and after the first semester, advises the student on the selection of a specific advisor for her/his concentration. A thesis committee with one external examiner will be formed for a student's thesis defence.

5.  M.A. Thesis Guidelines

All MA theses in the Department of East Asian Studies should represent original, substantial research in primary sources. “Primary sources” means materials in the target language, whether Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Sanskrit or a combination of these.  Although there is no definite number of pages for an MA thesis, it should be between 50 and 130 pages in length (depending on discipline), excluding endnotes, bibliography, appendices, index, and glossary.




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