Graduate Students

Meet our MA Graduate Students!
Liu, Yanqi (Vivian)
Research topic to follow
Lu, Yutao (David)

Shintō, Secular/Public Shintō, and Environmentalism in Contemporary Japan

Minden, Samuel

Historiographic readings of Early Modern Chinese novels and the evolution of Chinese historical fiction literature

Pak, Yeung (Christian)

Medieval Chinese literature, Chinese historical linguistics through literature

Stalinger, Jarrett

The use of Akunin Shōki in Pure Land Buddhism

Wang, Xingyu

Research topic to follow

Wang, Zilai

Chinese Linguistics, Interactional Linguistics, Multimodality Analysis, and Conversational Analysis

Yang, Xinlei (Irene)

Research topic to follow

Yang, Yining (Rico)

Research topic to follow

Zhang, Zounan (David)

Research topic to follow

Zhou, Leyi

Confucian Thoughts in Warring States China (The Music and Ritual Theory)

Zou, Aling

Queer Sinophone; Sinophone Literature