Graduate Students

Meet our MA Graduate Students!


Wenzhu LI

Modern Chinese literature; postmodernism; revolution and trauma; comparative study of Chinese modernism and Euro-American paradigm of modernism 

Zhuoran LI

Multiculture focus on immigrants in Canada who originated from Asian countries in a perspective on their culture shock and accumulation 


Representations of Mental Health, Technology, Gender/Sexuality and Environmentalism in Contemporary Chinese Literature 

Mei Mingxue NAN

Modern Chinese literature; Sinopone literatures of travel, migration, and displacement; Critical theory 

Minako NODA

Japanese linguistics; Japanese pedagogy


Japanese linguistics, pedagogy 

Alexandra SAN DIEGO

Korean culture studies with a focus on contemporary Korean pop culture 

Ruinan SHI Modern Chinese literature; Comparative study of Leftism feminist writers in Modern China period 
Nuohang TIAN

Chinese propaganda art; Japanese modern art 

Cheer Qi'e WU Applied linguistics, Chinese linguistics, Interactional Linguistics, and Multimodality 
Dongyue WU 
Yuzhi ZHOU