2015 Program Changes




The Department of East Asian Studies has introduced new and improved East Asian Studies major, minor, and honors programs for Fall 2015. The new East Asian Studies programs have similar requirements to the existing ones, but with some important changes that will allow students greater flexibility in course selection, which in turn should allow students to meet their program requirements faster. The Calendar descriptions of the new major and minor are included in the new major and minor checklists, downloadable from the link below.
New Checklists
For an illustration of a possible major under the new program, please see the sample checklist at the link below, which shows a possible East Asian Studies major for a student with an interest in Japanese linguistics.


As part of its curriculum revisions, the Department has renumbered its non-language courses as EASIA courses. Numbers for language courses will remain unchanged. For instance:

CHINA 101 ---> CHINA 101

JAPAN 321 ---> EASIA 341

These new course numbers will appear in next year's University of Alberta Calendar, and are the numbers under which courses will be listed when registration for the Fall 2015 and Winter 2016 semesters opens in the spring of 2015. A full listing of of the Department's new course numbers can be downloaded at the link below. Students are asked to familiarise themselves with the new numbers before 2015-16 registration opens.

Questions? Please contact Ms. Heather McDonald, Undergraduate Administrator (heather.mcdonald@ualberta.ca), or Professor Tsuyoshi (Yoshi) Ono, Associate Chair, Undergraduate (tono@ualberta.ca).