Summer in Harbin China

Due to travel restrictions imposed by the Chinese government, the 2022 Harbin Summer program is suspended until further notice.

About the Program

Every summer, we welcome students from across the University of Alberta (and beyond!) to join us for our intensive Chinese language program held in Harbin, China. Our students always make rapid progress in learning Chinese, and have a blast while doing so! And because we have massive scholarship support, this is one of the cheapest study-abroad opportunities at the U of A!

Arts students who successfully complete the summer program are guaranteed to receive 6 transfer credits toward their degree. (Students from other faculties can also usually receive 6 credits, though you should consult with your home faculty to ask about their policies.)

Estimated total cost for four weeks, including tuition, airfare and living expenses, is only $330 after scholarships! That is cheaper than you would pay for tuition alone for 6 credits at the U of A! And everyone receives scholarships.

Classes are taught at the Harbin Institute of Technology (H.I.T.), one of China's top universities, which also has the oldest and most experienced Chinese-language program offered in Harbin. H.I.T. is conveniently located in downtown Harbin, with its own subway stop, facilitating students' ability to explore the city. H.I.T. will evaluate students and place them into appropriate-level classes.

Harbin is Edmonton's sister city, located in the far northeast. Although it is definitely hotter than Edmonton in the summer, it is still more comfortable than Beijing and other large cities further south. Harbin is large and cosmopolitan, with Russian-influenced architecture and food, and a long history as a site of cultural exchange between Han, Manchu, Russian, Japanese, French, and Jewish communities. Standard, unaccented Mandarin is the common street language of Harbin, making the whole city an excellent extension of the classroom for language learners.

Because the U of A now has a multifaceted relationship with H.I.T., and are considered important institutional partners, we have more power to guarantee a positive experience for students. Students will be given pre-departure orientation and risk management training, and U of A staff will be on hand in Harbin during the program to provide guidance and help students resolve any difficulties.

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