ECON 110: An Introduction to Writing for Economics Students

Formal instruction in the basic principles of writing, including a review of basic grammar. The focus is on hands-on practice in order to develop clear writing skills. Examples and exercises will be drawn from economics. Students will also make oral presentations.  
Prerequisite or co-requisite:  ECON 101. Restricted to students registered the BA Economics Major or BA Honors Economics program in the Faculty of Arts.
ECON 110 can be substituted for *3 of the *6 Junior ENGL/WRS requirement, for students in Economics in the Faculty of Arts.  ECON 110 can also be taken in addition to the Junior ENGL/WRS requirement.
Please note that ECON 110 does not meet the ENGL/WRS requirement for programs outside of Economics; students who transfer programs (e.g. to the Faculty of Science or School of Business) will need to meet the Junior English requirements as specified by their new Faculty.
Students switching their major from Economics to another major in the Faculty of Arts will have ECON 110 counted as an option, and need to meet *6 of Junior ENGL/WRS.