Math for Econ Students

Some Economics students, particularly those going to graduate school, have found it advantageous to take more mathematics courses. Courses that may be useful are:

Core Courses

Calculus up to the intermediate level. For example:
MATH 214 Intermediate Calculus I
MATH 215 Intermediate Calculus II

Linear algebra up to the intermediate level:
MATH 125 Linear Algebra I
MATH 225 Linear Algebra II


MATH 314 Analysis I
MATH 372 Mathematical Modelling I

Other Courses

MATH 334 Introduction to Differential Equations
MATH 432 Intermediate Differential Equations
MATH 373 Mathematical Programming and Optimization I
MATH 381 Numerical Methods I

Mathematical Finance Courses (for those interested in finance)

MATH 253 Theory of Interest
MATH 356 Introduction to Mathematical Finance I
MATH 357 Introduction to Mathematical Finance II</>