Admission Process


We only admit students for graduate studies that commence in September.

Applications are open September 1st to January 31. Only completed (includes all required documentation and reference letters), submitted applications will be considered for review. 

Application Procedure:

Check the admission requirements:

All of these require, at a minimum, the applicant have completed a Bachelor's degree, majoring in Economics prior to commencing graduate studies. Refer to the program pages for the GPA requirements.

If the applicant does not have the equivalent of an Honors degree in Economics, which includes advanced courses in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics, as well as courses in Mathematical Economics, they may be considered for admission as Qualifying Graduate Students. For concerns regarding specified requirements, contact

Admission Decision:

Successful applicants will receive their official admission letter from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) sent to their ualberta email. Admission letters will be sent after the application deadline. All decisions of the Review Committee are final.

To accept the offer of admission, simply send an email to with your decision to attend. Please notify us if the decision to accept changes. 

The admission offer from FGSR will not include any funding offer. Funding offers are made separately by the Department and include instructions on how to accept (or reject) the funding offer and a deadline for doing so. Funds are extremely limited and funding offers are made on a competitive basis to relatively few students. Qualifying graduate students are not eligible for funding. Funding offers will be made to students within 2 months of the application deadline.

Next Steps (following admission):

Classes start at the beginning of the Fall term (refer to the University Calendar). The Department of Economics offers a free Math Refresher course for their graduate students in the last 2 weeks of August. This course is primarily designed to prepare MA students for the mathematics they will encounter, but is open to all students in our graduate programs. There is no charge for this course. All new students are encouraged to attend. Math Refresher classes are held in both the morning and the afternoons, Monday through Friday for this two-week period. There is no textbook required, no exam, no grade, and the course will not appear on your academic transcript.

Once you are admitted to one of our graduate programs, you will receive information regarding course registration from the Office of the Registrar and the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. This is designed to help students find their classes and know when they should begin their registration procedures. Graduate students in the Department of Economics are able to self-register in all graduate level Economics courses except ECON 591 and 999. Students wishing to register for FIN courses are to notify the Graduate Advisor at as soon as possible. Option courses get filled up and are on a first come first served basis so students are advised to choose alternates.