To be eligible for scholarships and fellowships, applicants are required to be in either a degree program in the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research at the University of Alberta or in the process of applying to a department for admission. Applicants admitted as Qualifying or Probationary graduate students are not eligible for scholarships or fellowships during their qualifying or probationary period.

Graduate awards are offered on the basis of superior academic standing and demonstrated potential for advanced study and research. Each department is responsible for nominating its own students. Criteria used for assessment include: grade point average, reference letters, statement of program, research potential and productivity (where it has been demonstrated) and evidence of publications and other academic achievement.

Students must formally apply for admission to a graduate program before departments or the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) will consider any request for awards. Please note the award deadlines provided may be based on the previous year's deadlines and may be subject to change. It is the applicant’s responsibility to confirm award deadlines with the Department or FGSR.

Funding for graduate students is primarily via Departmental assistantships and scholarships administered by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

Since FGSR will make the final decision, these awards tend to be highly competitive and the department only receives a few awards every year.