in Finance and EMNREE

The Department of Economics offers two certificate programs in cooperation with the School of Business:

  1. Certificate in Finance

  2. Certificate in the Economics and Management of Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment (EMNREE)

Basic Program Requirements

  1. EMNREE *21 credits of required and optional courses (as part of *120 total BA credits), Finance *21 credits of required and optional courses (as part of *120 total BA credits)

  2. In addition to the required certificate program credits, a student must complete all the requirements for a BA major or honors in Economics

Both certificates require two years to complete, so a student should enter a certificate program at the start of their third year in the BA program 

For complete program requirements see:

Admission Procedure

Admission to these certificate programs is by application only and there are a limited number of spaces in each program.  Before applying, read the complete program requirements given in the links above.  The CGPA is the principal factor used to rank applicants. To be considered a student must:
  1. be registered in a major or honors program in Economics 
  2. have normally completed by the end of Winter term, a minimum of *60 and a maximum of *90 toward their *120 required BA credits
  3. have normally completed ECON 281, ECON 282 and ECON 299 by the end of Winter term; and 
  4. have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0
Meeting these requirements does not guarantee admission.

Application to the Certificate programs will open the last week of March. Current Economics Majors/Honors will receive an email invitation to apply

The deadline for applications is 30 April. Decisions will be made after winter term marks have been finalized (generally by the middle of May). Successful applicants will be notified by e-mail. As admission to the certificate programs will not be confirmed until mid-May, all applicants should register in the courses they would take if they are not  admitted to the certificate program. For more information, please contact the Economics Undergraduate Office: