Economics English Conversation Club

Fall 2020 UPDATES:  The EECC will be held virtually over zoom throughout the fall semester. You will receive a zoom link once you successfully register. Sessions will run on Tuesdays to Thursdays. We will not have volunteering opportunities available during this time. If you have any questions, please contact .

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Are you a UAlberta student hoping to improve your English conversation skills? Are you looking to make new friends in Canada, but don't know where to start?

Become a member of the Faculty of Arts' Economics English Conversation Club (EECC) - it's FREE!

Got questions? Contact us at .

Who are we?

We are a Faculty of Arts club that provides UAlberta students opportunities to practice English conversation, develop international friendships, and prepare for future Canadian employment opportunities and other aspects of Canadian Life.

The EECC offers free English conversation sessions for UAlberta students who meet the eligibility requirements.

Funded by the Department of Economics, EECC conversation sessions allow members to practice spoken English in a small group setting with two fluent English-speaking facilitators.


Any undergraduate UAlberta student, registered in a degree program, who has taken at least one Economics class at the University of Alberta is eligible to become an EECC member. Unfortunately, Open Studies and Graduate students are not eligible to join the EECC, but may consider participating in University of Alberta International's English Conversation Club .

Note: You will need to first register for an account in order to see the calendar and sign up for your sessions.

EECC Member Benefits

  • Become more confident and comfortable with using the English language
  • Practice, develop, and advance English conversation skills / vocabulary in a comfortable environment with other members and fluent English facilitators
  • Prepare for academic achievements (eg, writing term papers, preparing presentations)
  • Develop international friendships and relations with peers, facilitators, and U of A staff
  • Prepare for potential employment (eg, job interviews, networking, resume building, working with professors in grad school)
  • Become involved with the university student community

Other Supports Offered

  • Letter of Acknowledgment Faculty Recognition
    • Active participation in a specified number of conversation sessions per semester will be recognized by a formal Letter of Acknowledgment from the Department of Economics at one of our Acknowledgment Ceremonies.
    • EECC members can achieve a Level One, Level Two, Level Three or Level Four Letter of Acknowledgment based on the following criteria
      • Level One Participated in 10 Sessions
      • Level Two Participated in 20 Sessions
      • Level Three Participated in 30 Sessions
      • Level Four Participated in 40 Sessions; Co-facilitated one session
        • EECC level 4 holders will become EECC Ambassadors and receive a Record of Completion
      • Note: Members are welcome to attend as many sessions per week as they would like; however, only two sessions per week will be counted toward their session requirement for certificate levels.
      • If you are in ECON 109, check in your course syllabus on how to get credit.
  • Fun Monthly Social Events
    • Every month, the EECC offers social events for club members to hang out, make new friends, and be a part of the university student community.
  • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Receive volunteer hours from the EECC by helping the club grow and flourish!
  • University Partnerships
    • The EECC partners with different university organizations to provide members with diverse learning experiences. The EECC partners with the University of Alberta Career Center, International Student Services, and various other Faculty officials.

Why join EECC?

Becoming more confident and comfortable with using the English language has tangible benefits that will contribute to your success in university and beyond. Writing term papers, working with professors in graduate school, developing new friendships, and successfully answering questions in a job interview are just some of the ways in which stronger English skills can help you. Even if you do not intend to find a job in Canada or another English-speaking country after you graduate, fluency in English makes you more employable almost anywhere, and is a valuable asset from an employer's perspective. ESL students often fail to understand the consequences that can occur from limited English conversational skills, as high grades alone can't always guarantee a job offer. Potential employers can be put-off by poor conversational skills,

Being competent in English conversation is (in itself) no guarantee of a good job, but lack of practice can damage the employability of even the strongest students.

Member Testimonials

'Before I joined EECC, I didn't communicate with many people especially native English speakers ... the more sessions I attended, the more comfortable and confident I became'
-Wujun Han, EECC Ambassador

'From EECC, I gained so many friends with the same hobbies and interests. It hasn't just provided a chance to practice English conversation skills, but has also changed my lifestyle and helped me make friends'
- Steve Lee, EECC Ambassador

Information session

Meeting Schedule

Tuesdays 4 - 5 pm with Khadija and Valentina

Wednesdays 6 - 7 pm with Brian and Fea

Thursdays 5 - 6 pm with Alessandra and Suwaibah

Conversation Topics

January 19 - 21: New Year's Resolutions 

January 26 - 29: Games

February 2 - 4: Valentine's Day / Dating Norms

February 9 - 11: Lunar New Year / Traditions

February 23 - 25: Animals / Nature

March 2 - 4: Careers Week

  • LinkedIn
  • Ways to get employed outside of a resumé, etc.

March 9 - 11: Economics Week

March 16 - 18: Student Governance

March 23 - 26: Debate Week

March 30 - April 1: Self-care with Peer Support Centre / Unitea

April 6 - 8: Summer + Vacations