Our Team

Meet our 2021-22 Facilitators!


Alyssa is in the fourth year of her BA in Sociology major and International Studies minor. She loves listening to music, playing games with others, and scrolling mindlessly through a plethora of memes. As someone who loves learning new languages and understands the struggles of mastering them, she hopes to foster a fun and safe learning environment where everyone can get together and enjoy each session. She's always interested in meeting new people as well as hearing people's stories, so she's very excited to facilitate this year's EECC!



Brian is a 4th year History major with a Political Science minor from Hong Kong. His interests are in aviation and military history, focusing on the 20th century. In his free time he enjoys reading on a variety of topics, binging history videos, and gaming.




Khadija is in her 3rd year majoring in Economics and Psychology. Her involvement on campus and her love for conversations led to her being a facilitator. She speaks English, Urdu, Sindhi, and some French. Recently back from a trip to Italy, she is excited to share new experiences and make campus smaller for new students!




Jennifer is in her 2nd year of a PoliSci/Linguistics major and EAS minor, but hopes to pursue education long term. She is happiest spending time with friends playing games and chatting over tea. She loves to attempt learning new languages and wants to study or teach in Japan and Hong Kong one day.