Study Where You Can Benefit

Here are some recommendations for places on and off campus for when you need to sit down and really work.

Leanza Huber - 01 October 2018

Now that we are one month into the semester the deadlines can start to pile up for many students. Midterms. Papers. Projects. With a never-ending list of due dates, it can be challenging to use your time effectively. Everyone has different study habits and work ethics, but for myself, it can be a challenge to be productive at home. My struggle with working at home is that there is always something going on in the house. Not everyone there needs to study on the weekend, so for most of them it is a time to relax and do whatever. One of the biggest factors is that I don't really feel motivated to get work done because it's not like the environment on campus. When I work on campus I feel like I have to work hard because there are other students around me also working hard. Here are some places on and off campus that I have found helpful when I needed to sit down and really work.

  • Coutts Library is great, especially on weekdays because it is usually at a manageable volume that I don't find the people around me loud and distracting. Another bonus of Coutts is that it is right in the Education Building, so there is minimal walking to get there if you're already in Education, but it's also pretty central if you're coming from another building.
  • SUB is enjoyable early in the mornings before it starts to get too busy at about 10am because there are lots of comfy couches and a lot of natural light streams into the main floor. Plus, then you can pick up a Chai Latte from The Daily Grind.
  • Rutherford South second floor has a silent study room, also known as the Harry Potter Room. This room makes me feel like I've been transported back in time because of the high ceilings and old decor. The only downside is that the chairs are just wooden and not super comfy for long periods of time.
  • I really enjoy sitting down in Starbucks with my latte and grinding away at assignments. Any Starbucks will do, but I enjoy sitting inside of Chapters/Indigo Starbucks, because the noise isn't as condensed as a small Starbucks shop. Plus, then I have an excuse to go book shopping!
  • The 4th Floor Lounge in Education North is also great for studying because not everyone knows it exists. There are couches and tables so you have the option of seating, depending on what kind of work you want to get done. This lounge also has a lot of natural light streaming in from above which is a nice break from big lecture theatres.
  • In my first year I spent a lot of time in CAB basement, because there are so many tables down there and it was close to my classes. The downside of this is that it can be challenging to find a table around lunch hours if you are not getting there right after class. It is also quite loud down there, which isn't great if you need a quiet atmosphere to get work done.

All of these locations have perks and drawbacks depending on what kind of study space you like. It is really about exploring for yourself and finding somewhere you like to study and work where you feel productive. I encourage you to check out these places, but to also find your own and maybe even switch it up every day until you find a place that really works for you.

Great job navigating through September and good luck in October.