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illuminate is the online magazine of the University of Alberta's Faculty of Education. In keeping with our mission as a faculty, illuminate's mandate is to ask questions, to seek knowledge, to reflect on teaching and learning, and to be open to change.

Like every good teacher, we also want to be original, creative and inclusive in our thinking. illuminate serves to maintain and nurture the connection between the Faculty of Education and its alumni, current students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders, but it is also for anyone with an interest in education.

Our name, illuminate, came from Elementary Education after degree student Tara Smith. We think it suits us perfectly because, in Tara's words, "As teachers, I think our job is to light the way for our students - to shed light on different subjects. The word seemed like a good fit for a magazine about education."

If you have a passion for learning and are interested in the ideas, research, trends, and thought leaders shaping the field of education, this magazine is for you.

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