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Yuanyuan Jiang

Yuanyuan Jiang, PhD, RPsych

Assistant Professor, School and Clinical Child Psychology


Educational Psychology

About Me

Clinical Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco

Clinical Psychology Predoctoral Internship, University of California, San Francisco

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of British Columbia

M.A., Clinical Psychology, University of British Columbia

Honours B.Sc., Psychology Research Specialist, University of Toronto


Yuan’s broad research aims are to investigate variables that significantly impact the assessment and treatment of youth with considerable life impairments, with the ultimate goal of markedly improving diagnostic and intervention practices for children and families. Her research involves gaining insight into (1) how characteristics of children and important adults relate to their perceptions of themselves, others, and clinical services, and (2) how the cognitions of these children and adults are associated with diagnostic and intervention outcomes both in home and school settings. She is also pursuing research to better understand (3) whether additional components of assessment need to be considered in enhancing diagnosis, and (4) how to improve the accessibility of evidence-based mental health practices across settings in current systems of care. Much of Yuan’s research has focused on children with significant inattentiveness and/or hyperactivity/impulsivity, who experience marked difficulties at home and at school. Efforts to continually improve upon the accessibility and effectiveness of services for these children are much needed.


EDPY 302: Learning & Development in Childhood

EDPY 527: School and Clinical Based Intervention

EDPY 528: Foundations of Child and Adolescent Intervention

EDPY 643: Child/Adolescent Therapy and Intervention