CGCER 2017 Conference

Global Citizenship: Intersectionality, Solidarity and Living as Kin on a Suffering Planet

Centre for Global Citizenship Education & Research
University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
October 26-28, 2017

The Centre for Global Citizenship Education & Research (CGCER) invites proposals for paper and poster sessions that address the following themes as they connect with intersectionality and solidarity:

  • Global citizenship education: policies, pedagogies, curriculums
  • Contested citizenships and pedagogies of resistance
  • Indigenous knowledges and citizenship
  • Global citizenship, eco-knowledges, eco-feminism, and eco-pedagogies
  • Education in the Anthropocene and environmental justice
  • Ontological and epistemic decolonization
  • Global social justice and citizenship
  • Critical pedagogies and global citizenship
  • Community engaged scholarship and pedagogies
  • We welcome multi-disciplinary and transdisciplinary research. Note there will also be some space designated for performance and visual art presentation of research related to the conference themes.

Proposals may be submitted for the following 3 types of presentation:

  • Paper Presentation: single paper presentations prepared by one or more authors (15 minutes).
  • Poster/Exhibit: may take the form of an academic poster, exhibition of artwork or visual media
  • Panel: a proposal for a set of 4-5 papers on a shared theme or topic (90 minutes total).

Title and abstract (no more than 250 words) with an indication of paper, poster/exhibit, or panel format

Deadline for submission: extended to June 26, 2017
Please send submissions to:
Address questions to: Benjamin Denga or Alleson Mason (CGCER Conference Coordinators)

Early Bird Registration Deadline 
28 September 2017
Regular: $130 + GST 
Student: $70 + GST 

Regular Registration Commences 
29 September 2017
Regular: $150 + GST 
Student: $90 + GST