International Office

International Advanced Field Experience - AFX

Why not go international to fulfill the program and certification requirements of your Advanced Field Experience? With an International AFX, you will have the opportunity to experience the unique context of the partner school and still work with:

  • Alberta programs of study

  • an Alberta accredited school

  • an Alberta certified mentor teacher 

Winter Term 2020

Placement possibilities:

  • Secondary Mathematics/Science
  • Secondary Physical Education/Social Studies
  • Secondary Social Studies
  • Secondary Physical Education

If you do not see your subject area or grade level represented, please be in touch through the contact information below. Other possibilities are under discussion.

Information Meeting for Winter 2020 Placements:

September 18, 2019 information meeting
4:30 pm 122 Education South

Please note: Attendance at the information meeting or an individual consultation is mandatory in order to submit an application.

Application Deadline: October 7, 2019 by 4:30 pm

Application Materials:   

Application Form 

Funding and cost considerations for:

TIS Macao, China 

Click here for application tips.

Further information: