Required Courses

EDU 511 Introduction to Educational Improvement
EDU 512 Leadership in Educational Settings
EDU 503 Foundations of Curriculum
EDU 510 Fundamentals of Educational Research
EDU 513 Leadership for Educational Change
EDU 514 Planning for Educational Change
EDU 515 Conducting Educational Research
EDU 900 Program Synthesis

GET (Graduate Ethics Training) (NON-CREDIT)

EDU 511 Introduction to School Improvement ★3 (1st Summer Residency)

Introduces the current state of knowledge, research, and theory in the field of education. Focuses upon teaching and learning within schools and other educational organizations in ways that synthesize educational experience with professional research knowledge. Studies educational change that improves organizations.

EDU 512 Leadership in Educational Settings ★3 (1st Summer Residency)

Examines the historical context of current thinking about educational leadership, how leadership literature informs practice, and critically examines associated literature from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Analyzes values and ethical principles in school leadership and complex dilemmas of educational leadership.

EDU 503 Foundations of Curriculum ★3 (Online)

Provides an introduction to conceptions of curriculum and their effects on pedagogy with particular emphasis on discerning and interpreting how personal, social, cultural, and political circumstances collude in the shaping of educational practices.

EDU 510 Fundamentals of Educational Research ★3 (Online)

Explores the findings of educational research, and works to apply the results of research to educational problems. Focuses on conceptualizing methods of educational research to specific and individual educational sites and issues.

EDU 513 Leadership for Educational Change ★3 (2nd Summer Residency)

Introduces the relationship of research to educational leadership, explores the role of educational research in school improvement of school, and focuses upon synthesizing extant research literature and the need to address a specific leadership need within a school site using appropriate research methods.  Studies how educational research can inform leaders in carrying out school improvement and bringing about educational change. 

EDU 514 Planning for Educational Change ★3 (2nd Summer Residency)

Explores how educational research can enhance educational change toward school improvement and focuses on utilizing appropriate research methods to create a site-based research proposal for a specific site.  

EDU 515 Conducting Educational Research ★3 (Online)

A supervised research assignment to develop and apply knowledge and skills related to data collection, data analysis techniques and research report presentation.  

EDU 900 Program Synthesis ★3 (Online)

A reflection and synthesis of learning from the Master of Education in Educational Studies in relation to the concepts of leadership and school/educational improvement that are the foundations of the program.

In Addition

Students are required to complete two 3 graduate-level electives. A list of electives is offered by Professional Learning. Students wishing to take electives outside of the University of Alberta should consult with the MES Graduate Administrator to determine whether they will be approved for transfer.