Course Schedule

Fall 2022

EDU 595: Philosophy, Theory & Science of Postsecondary Education ★3

This course will examine the belief orientations (teaching philosophies), learning theories, research and methods of teaching and learning in postsecondary settings. Drawing on both seminal and current research into teaching and learning, the course is organized into four areas of roughly equal emphasis: (a) introduction to foundational approaches to contemporary issues in Canadian and international postsecondary education contexts, (b) belief orientations of teaching, learning and technology, (c) adult and higher education learning theories and the learning/cognitive sciences, and (d) the interrelationship between theories, learning science and practice in postsecondary settings.

Winter 2023

EDU 595: Learning Design for Postsecondary Education ★3

Participants will develop an understanding of the underpinning theoretical and practical considerations of learning design models. In a project-based setting, course participants will learn how to: select instructional design models that align with learning goals, conduct a needs analysis, do storyboarding, apply adult and higher education learning theory, set up and maintain productive relationships with subject matter experts, assess learning effectiveness as well as create technology enabled learning designs. Participants will also be encouraged to expand their repertoire of strategies and practical approaches by moving outside their familiar frameworks and engaging in discussions across disciplinary boundaries.

Spring 2023

EDU 595: Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Decolonization in Learning Design ★3

Inclusive pedagogy is more than effective learning design. Equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization (EDID) learning design begins with planning for a diverse student body many of whom are minoritized and/or marginalized. This course will provide information on how to design inclusive learning environments through intentional approaches to teaching and learning practices and assessment creating learning designs where all students feel that their differences are valued and respected, and have equitable access to the learning resources and opportunities. This course will include historic and current realities of racism and current systemic realities that Indigenous, gender diverse and racialized people in Canada experience through the exploration of beliefs, impacts, current structural tensions, and roles of bias and privilege. The skills, knowledge and attitudes obtained in this course will assist learning designers in extending a postsecondary institution's capacity to integrate diversity and inclusiveness into learning design.

Summer 2023

EDU 595: Learning Design Practicum ★3

The practicum course will provide course participants with an opportunity to work with a subject matter expert to apply learning design theories, models, and frameworks, as well as reflect through collegial peer coaching on the content provided in first three courses of the certificate. This course will also function as a forum for participants to discuss and reflect on key issues facing learning designers in postsecondary settings. Course participants enrolled in the practicum will be expected to experiment, innovate and take risks in order to diversify their learning design practices in ways that are consistent with EDID.