Tuition and Fees

Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents Tuition

Tuition for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents in all cohorts in the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (GCES) is $1498.00 per course. Tuition is assessed each semester, by course.

International Tuition

Tuition for GCES international students is higher than for Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents - roughly $1900 per course. For information on how tuition is calculated and the exact amount for your cohort, please review FGSR's Tuition Framework for International Students. For more information, please contact

Additional Costs

  • Non-instructional fees are assessed by the university
    Note: students can opt out of the Students' Union Health and Dental plans.
  • Texts (these costs are not prohibitive as most texts are available in digital format, are available to borrow from the University of Alberta library system; some may be used for more than one course)

Payment Deadlines and Instructions

Fees must be paid by the specific deadline for your starting semester. Please review this page for complete information and dates.

Student Scholarships

Because the GCES is a part-time, course-based program, students generally do not qualify for University of Alberta scholarships.