Indigenous Teacher Education and Leadership

Young Indigenous Women's Circle of Leadership

Celebrating its eleventh year, the Young Indigenous Women's Circle of Leadership (YIWCL) will take place July 2018, at the Faculty of Education - University of Alberta. Young Indigenous Women's Circle of Leadership program is for young Indigenous women ages 10-16. Each day, participants are immersed in Indigenous language and cultural activities, drama, dance, digital technologies, and leadership-building.

Program dates: Monday, July 8 - Wednesday, July, 17, 2019 from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Space in the Young Indigenous Women's Circle of Leadership is very limited. To reserve a space for your daughter, niece, or granddaughter, please fill out and submit the form.

REGISTRATION BEGINS MAY 1, 2019 at 7 AM - Fill out the form

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact the YIWCL Director:

Rochelle Starr
Phone: 780-492-4188

About the Young Indigenous Women’s Circle of Leadership

Cree language plays an essential role in our ability to learn and transmit Indigenous knowledge. The Young Indigenous Women’s Circle of Leadership is a program that is assisting young women in their journey to discover and to reclaim their ancestral language and knowledge. YIWCL is open to young Indigenous women, ages 10-16 and is focused on the Cree language with a foundation in Cree knowledge and spirituality through immersion experiences.

We are addressing many of the TRC’s Calls to Action, focusing on the Cree language and knowledge of this territory. Indigenous knowledge, embedded within the language, is critical to an Indigenous person’s ability to access guidance and strength so as to be able to take care of themselves in many different respects. For example, there are many ceremonies of renewal within Cree tradition that support a relationship of strength, interdependence.

YIWCL provides access to ceremonies for the young women, connecting the young women with the ability to access their language, knowledge, and strength. Cree is a spiritual language and as such is the foundation of YIWCL. YIWCL is the only Cree immersion youth program within Alberta.