Student Experience


Grow your capabilities
In the undergraduate program you will learn about teaching theory, become an expert in different content areas and complete at least two professional Field Experience terms. The result: you will become a professional educator equipped with the tools needed to lead a classroom full of inquisitive minds to a brighter future. There is nothing more rewarding than that.

Uniquely beautiful

Explore what is special about the University of Alberta
The experience you will have in the Faculty of Education is as unique as the nature of the University of Alberta itself. From century-old buildings to beautiful green spaces, to world class new facilities, our campus looks the part. Study with us and get the true university experience. Book a campus visit and see what we mean!


Find new ways to enjoy student life
Go to the HUB mall between classes for a piece of pizza. Play frisbee with friends in the quad on a sunny afternoon. Use your U-Pass and take a quick bus ride to Whyte ave and explore the shops. Head home to your dorm room and do some reading before lights out. Life at the University of Alberta is, in a word, fun - as long as you are willing to explore a little.

Field Experiences

This is where theory meets practice - 14 weeks of supervised student teaching. Students consistently tell us that this is their favourite part of the undergraduate program.

International Opportunities

Invest in the lives of your future students and learn about global citizenship. Explore beyond Canada's borders and discover a whole world full of educational opportunities by taking part in one of our international programs in China, Bermuda, Mexico, or Cambodia.