Undergraduate Programs

Education Cohort at Lister Residence

Upgrade your University experience. Apply for Residence and live on the Education cohort floor!

Living on an Education Cohort floor enables you to learn and study alongside peers who are also interested and engaged in the broad field of Education. Living on an Education floor will afford you unique opportunities to connect with Education faculty members, and learn from peers in other major/minors who are also passionate about Education.

By living in an academic cohort, students will…

  1. Experience a smoother transition into University; academically, personally, and socially.
  2. Receive additional academic support from their peers and the Faculty of Education.
  3. Be involved in intentional career and degree planning programs.

Potential floor activities include:

  • Dinner with Education faculty members.
  • Floor study groups and social activities.
  • Unique opportunities to get involved with the Faculty of Education.
  • Information sessions about Education-related careers.

If these opportunities interest you, the Education Cohort floor is for you! You can apply to the Education Cohort floor in Lister Residence when you receive your room offer over the summer. For more information, visit the Residence Services website.