Department of Educational Policy Studies

GET Presentations and Activities

GET has worked in collaboration with many educational organizations in creating various presentations aimed at educating on the issues of human rights, global citizenship education, citizenship education, social justice and democracy. We particularly enjoy planning sessions that meet the curricular needs and age level of the group with which we will be working.

This is a small sample of some interactive sessions we have presented in the past that might be helpful for thinking about presentations that might meet your needs or be interesting in your school context.

Contact the Global Education Team Coordinators to request one of the following presentations or to work with us to develop a new presentation related to global citizenship education for your school program or curriculum.

Engaging Democracy: Where is Your Voice?
Delve into concepts of active citizenship that as a university community we can engage in to create new forms of democracy. What does it mean to reclaim public democratic spaces? What are our responsibilities as citizens? What forms can engagement take? How does the university enable and create unique opportunities for participation? Share your experiences and learn from others. Content will be grounded in the current theory and practice of democratic citizenship.

Being a Global Citizen
What does it mean to be a global citizen? This presentation looks at the various ways in which a global citizen can exist in their community, exploring how our actions matter because they affect people and places all over the globe. The presentation is an interactive one, involving role play, discussion and other hands-on activities.

Beyond Christmas Shoeboxes, Towards Social Justice
Do you wonder why the Christmas shoebox – filled with stationary and candy and sent to children in ‘developing’ nations – is one of the most widespread charitable initiatives in our classroom? This interactive workshop explores the ‘charity phenomenon’ in our schools, proposing that teachers instead engage students in social justice and active global citizenship initiatives. Participants in this session will be provided with practical resources to motivate their students to become leaders in social justice.

Do you know your students? Social justice, global citizenship and the dignity of difference
Are Alberta’s classrooms spaces where global citizenship and social justice are experienced by all students? This practice-based workshop will address the need for understanding and appreciating difference as the most fundamental trait of humanity and promotes the viewpoint of difference as a strength in the learning and well-being of every student.

Beyond the Charity Model: Designing Youth Engagement and Citizenship Activities
What does youth engagement look like? How can current global education practices be reframed to encourage the citizenship of students on all sides of an initiative? This session will assist educators in encouraging youth to think critically about every citizenship project they undertake.

Children as Citizens: Shifting Understandings of Children's Rights and Responsibilities in Alberta Schools and Beyond
Are schools places where children are rights holders? What are the legal, ethical, and social justice issues related to Children's Rights in Canada? Using the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child as a framework, this interactive session will provide information regarding international regulations for the protection and participation of, as well as the provision for, all children.

Global Citizenship and Inspiring Education
Current projects in schools aim to inspire students to be 'good' global citizens. This session asks what definition of good global citizenship is used in such models through exploring what inspiration really means and who is considered inspiring.

Cultural Lego: Constructing Gender and Culture
Does gender impact culture or is it the other way around? This interactive session allows participants to consider media influences on constructions of gender and think about ways to challenge gender role stereotyping and heteronormative society. By exploring the connections between gender and culture in these ways, students and teachers can move from perpetuating current forms of culture towards cultural transformation.

Living in a Globalizing World: A Deliberative Dialogue on Globalization
As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, educators must work to foster in students a global consciousness with respect to humanity and world issues. This workshop will assist teachers in understanding how to engage their students in a deliberative dialogue process that will get at complexities of globalization while enhancing their ability to determine the strengths and weaknesses of arguments and identify the main ideas underlying various positions on globalization.

The Dignity of Difference
Are Alberta’s classrooms spaces where global citizenship and social justice are experienced by all students? This practice-based workshop will address the need for understanding and appreciating difference as the most fundamental trait of humanity and promotes the viewpoint of difference as a strength in the learning and well-being of every student.

Digital Citizenship in the Information Age
The goal of this workshop is to create critical awareness of the implications of the consumption and production of information as related to living in a society that has changed on a technical and social front wherein there is now a convergence of technology. Traditionally, we were socialized by school, family and religion but now media significantly influences the formation of society and knowledge construction, production and consumption. Through this workshop, we aim to engage students in a discussion on current and future implications of living in an information society and our growing dependency on connectedness.

Global Citizenship Education and the 3Es: Creating engaged, ethical and entrepreneurial students
Institutions in Alberta are increasingly introducing global citizenship education (GCE) into their curriculum and school activities. Yet, GCE has proven challenging due to competing conceptualizations. This workshop explores GCE and its role with the 3E's of Alberta Education: engaged thinker, ethical citizen and entrepreneurial spirit. This workshop will assist educators in creating GCE activities for their students that can accommodate and engage with diverse learners and changing communities.

Reconceptualizing Education for Refugee Learners in Alberta Classrooms
This session is based on learnings from a symposium put on by the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research in March 2016 whereby educators, researchers, policymakers, community organizations and community members came together to discuss how Albertan classrooms and education system can better meet the needs of refugee learners. As a result of the growing number of refugee learners entering Albertan schools and with more than 1000 new refugee learners joining Albertan schools since January 2016, educators must be trained in how to best meet the needs of such a diverse group of learners. This workshop will offer meaningful strategies as well as recommendations by researchers and practitioners to enhance the integration of newcomers in a meaningful way into their new home country.