Department of Educational Policy Studies

CGCER International Conference 2013: Decolonizing Global Citizenship Education

The Centre for Global Citizenship Education & Research (CGCER) invites proposals to participate in its upcoming international conference “Decolonizing Global Citizenship Education” that explores different conceptual, theoretical, and methodological considerations of decolonizing citizenship education in practice and theory.

We invite proposals that address the following themes and others:

  • the return of local knowledges in the conceptualizations of citizenship
  • global social justice education as a liberating praxis
  • ways to disrupt/trouble the binary of local/global in citizenship knowledges
  • multi-centric knowledges and epistemic decolonization
  • false dualities that construct hierarchies of imperial and colonial relations
  • global citizenship education as colonizing or decolonizing project

CGCER International Conference 2013: Decolonizing Global Citizenship Education is an interdisciplinary conference on social theory, methods, and empirical research from a wide range of disciplines to discuss and present their scholarly work and research. The conference sessions will have two formats: 1) paper presentation and 2) poster session. We welcome proposals related to the above theoretical and practical questions and other relevant topics in the contexts of international education, social foundations of education, higher education, K-12 education, adult education, community education, and related educational policy areas.

Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Vanessa de Oliveira (Andreotti)
University of Oulu
Hospicing Western Modernity in Global Citizenship Education
November 1, 2013

Dr. Toni Samek
University of Alberta
Facing Academic Minders, the Instruments of Institutional Interference in Higher Education
November 2, 2013

Conference Program

Conference Organizer:
Thashika Pillay

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Lynette Shultz & Dr. Ali A. Abdi, CGCER Co-Directors