Department of Educational Policy Studies


The Centre for Global Citizenship Education & Research focuses on both theoretical and practical works in the areas of citizenship education, human rights education, and education for social justice and social development. CGCER is a hub for research, policy and dissemination in the area of global citizenship education and brings together local and global partners. These include local, national and international researchers, students, the education community and civil society organizations located in Canada and elsewhere.

In understanding the complex and interconnected nature of our world, the emergent understandings of global citizenship suggest an urgent need to understand multiple worldviews and perspectives of global citizenship and engagement. CGCER brings together resources through research programs, lecture series, specialized seminars, international conferences, policy studies and community engagement. It provides a forum for informed debate and dissemination of ideas possible practices in order to facilitate research and practice in the area of global citizenship education.

CGCER builds upon the extensive work already achieved by the Global Education Network (GEN) in the department. In continuing with these initiatives, CGCER strives to enhance the University of Alberta’s reputation as a major contributor and leader in the field of global citizenship education and international education.