Department of Educational Policy Studies

Workshop on “Social Cartography, Network Analysis, and Issue Mapping”

On March 16-17, 2017, the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research held a workshop on “Social Cartography, Network Analysis, and Issue Mapping.” The purpose of the workshop was to advance the methodological side of two SSHRC-funded projects that draw on cartographic methodologies. One of the projects, “Democracy in Transition: Strengthening How Citizenship is Learned and Practiced in the City,” explores how citizens engage with issues that matter to them in the City of Edmonton. The second project, “Mapping the Influence of National and International Actors in Canadian Higher Education Governance,” examines the (often invisible) policy actors and networks that play key roles in the governance of higher education in Canada.

The presenters contributed different aspects to the field of “social cartography”, from theoretical and epistemological perspectives to the use of mapping for community engagement and digital methods for social science research. Some of the talks have been recorded. Please see a list of the speakers and the links to the recordings and additional resources to the right.

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List of presentations:

Digital Methods for Social Cartography   
Richard Rogers, University of Amsterdam
Video    Presentation    
The Digital Methods Initiative 

Mapping the Silences of Policy Actors
Melody Viczko and Shannon McKechnie, Western University

Engaging Sociologies of Knowledge Production: Using Social Cartographies in Education
Vanessa de Oliveira Andreotti, University of British Columbia
Video    Presentation

Community Leadership Mapping: Strengthening Public Engagement
Zane Hamm, University of Alberta

Using Geospatial Analysis for Urban Planning and Policy Analysis
Manish Shirgaokar, University of Alberta
Video (chapter 1)    Presentation

Spatialization of Engagement
Rob Shields, University of Alberta
Video (chapter 2)    

Civic Technology in Edmonton: Crowdsourcing, Mapping, and Analyzing
David Rauch, Analytics Centre of Excellence, City of Edmonton 
Video (chapter 3)