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Curriculum for Global Citizenship

The International Youth White Paper on Global Citizenship is a result of work done by over 1300 students from 11 countries, in partnership with the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research, The Centre for Global Education, Canadian Commission for UNESCO, TakingITGlobal, and the Global Centre for Pluralism. Students came together to collaborate, through the use of technology, in a Virtual Town Hall to discuss the youths’ vision for Global Citizenship Education. Representing five continents, youth exchanged ideas, debated alternatives, and ultimately created a document that represents their voice on the relationship education should have with global citizenship. The final paper is the culmination of months of online teamwork, 10,000 hours of student collaboration, over 500 hours of teacher facilitation, and the passion of these youth to engage in an international conversation and have their voices heard.

Researchers at the Centre for Global Citizenship Education and Research have built upon the work of these youth to develop a syllabus for educators who aspire to educate for global citizenship. These are freely accessible here: