Master's Program with IPE Specialization

Grounded in the traditions of the Aboriginal peoples of Alberta, the international and interdisciplinary focus of this specialization attracts students from a variety of disciplines and locations. This specialization combines the conventional parameters and standards of university education with the collective efforts of Indigenous students, scholars, and Elders.

Program structure

The M.Ed. degree requires a minimum of ★33 for course-based programs, or ★24 for thesis-based programs. This includes ★6 in the department core courses and ★6 in the specialization core courses. Each student's program includes study in core areas, research methods, electives, and a thesis or capping exercise.

See the Graduate Course List for current Educational Policy Studies graduate courses.

Department Core Courses

  • EDPS 580 - Contemporary Issues in Education: Perspective & Practice
  • EDPS 581 - Introduction to Evaluating Educational Research

Specialization Core Courses

Three of the following courses for Master's students form the core of the specialization:

  • EDPS 535 - Indigenous Research Methodologies
  • EDPS 537- Issues in Indigenous Education
  • EDPS 538 - From Oral Tradition to Written Text
  • EDPS 539 - Revitalizing Indigenous Language

Specialization Electives

  • EDPS 536 - Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Practices in Indigenous Education
  • EDPS 636 - Indigenous Ontologies in the Global Context
  • EDPS 601 - Cree Language Course


500-level and above courses taken across the department or faculty, chosen in consultation with the supervisor or program advisor.

Students may undertake a supervised individual study course if permitted by their specialization program and only with prior approval by their advisor/supervisor and the Graduate Coordinator. Permission will not be granted if the proposed content is available through regular course offerings.

A list of courses to be offered throughout the year can be found by accessing Bear Tracks.

Course-Based Program

EDPS 900 - Directed Research Project

Thesis-Based Program

Registration in 900-level THES. All students in a thesis-based Master of Education shall present a thesis embodying the results of their research on a topic approved by their supervisor.