Department of Educational Policy Studies

Graduate Programs

The Department of Educational Policy Studies offers programs leading to master's and doctoral degrees in Educational Policy Studies with specializations in Adult, Community and Higher Education, Educational Administration and Leadership, Indigenous Peoples Education, and Theoretical, Cultural and International Studies in Education. The Department provides students with a unique environment to pursue advanced study in the field of education. Inquiries concerning programs or admission should be addressed to the Graduate Administrator of the Department.

Important Information:

All students are advised to access their University of Alberta e-mail account continually, throughout their time at the U of A as a student. The University of Alberta uses and will be using electronic communication with its students and applicants in lieu of many paper-based processes. This is to ensure that all are given information in a more timely and efficient way.

Because of this:

Every new student in the department, upon being admitted, is automatically signed up for both of the department's listservs (eps-student and eps-events) through the U of A e-mail account assigned to them.