Department of Educational Policy Studies

Application Documentation

Review the Checklist for Applications for Admission document and the points below BEFORE proceeding:

1. Applicants must apply online by going to: Faculty of Graduate Studies Online Application.

2. Attach a complete, readable, copy of all your post-secondary transcripts (on the institution's official letterhead) to the online application. Attached copies are to state that they were issued/printed within the last year from the time you apply. The grading system information provided by the institution must be included with the transcript information you attach. Review the FGSR Requirements Concerning Transcript Submission for additional information about the transcripts and degree certificates that need to be attached to your online application.

If admission is granted, ensure that an official copy (Canadian Applicants) or a certified stamped copy (International Applicants) of the transcripts are sent directly from the institution to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (address below).

Please note: If you have completed a degree and/or certificate that does not provide transcripts, placing the 'certificate' as a transcript on the online application is NOT acceptable. In place of the transcript requirement for these programs, you will need to have the institution provide a letter confirming that you completed the degree/certificate and that there are no transcripts provided for the program. The letter will need to be attached to the online application in place of the 'transcript' for that program and then submitted (original document) to the University. Hard copy transcripts can be submitted to the Faculty Office after the department's application deadline.

Mailing address:
Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research
Killam Centre for Advanced Studies
2-29 Triffo Hall
University of Alberta,
Edmonton, Alberta T6G 2R3

3. Three referees are to submit references per the online form provided to them when you list their name on the online application. Please remind them that they must submit the form and/or reference document with their signature included. They can also attach additional information to the form. The online application will provide directions to the referee on how to complete the reference form, etc.

Referee selection consideration: As your referees will be asked about your academic abilities it is important to select individuals who can accurately assess this aspect of our work. Ideally your referees will be academic staff (e.g., instructors in prior degree programs) who know the requirements necessary for successful completion of a graduate program. Please see the Checklist for Applications for Admission document for further information on this.

4. Attach a copy of your CV/Resume to the online application form or complete the CV form available on the online application form.

5. Statement of Intent. Review the Consideration of the Statement of Intent information below and the Checklist for Applications for Admission document for more information on what is required in the Statement of Intent.

Consideration of the Statement of Intent:

  • Avoid providing a narrative on your CV and/or non-academic background information unless it links directly to your research topic. To make an assessment, the admissions committee requires information on your research interests and will be looking for alignment with Department specialization areas and Faculty research areas.
  • If you are applying to the doctoral program, state whether you completed your master's degree in the thesis or course-based route. If you completed a thesis-based masters briefly describe:
    • Your master's program research (problem, methodology, topic, results)
    • Whether the results were published
    • How your master's research relates to your proposed doctoral study
    • How your thesis has prepared you for your doctoral research
  • If you are applying to the master's program, please state whether your undergraduate program integrated research-based activities. If you were engaged in undergraduate research activities, provide:
    • A description of your role and activities in the undergraduate research project 
    • How the undergraduate research experience has prepared you for your master's program
  • Whether you research supervisor is one of your referees

6. Distinguished Life Experience Essay. If applicable please refer to the Checklist for Applications for Admission document to learn more.

7. English Language Proficiency requirement. Non-Canadian applicants who do not possess a degree or an academic equivalent from an academic institution recognized by the University of Alberta in which the language of instruction was English are required to complete an English Language Proficiency exam. No exceptions are granted on this requirement. Refer to Entrance Requirements for further details on this requirement.

To review the list of institutions exempted from the English Language requirement, please go to: Universities Exempted from English Language Proficiency Requirements.

8. Confirmation of potential research supervisor (doctoral). Before you list a potential faculty member as your supervisor on your application form, please contact the faculty member to confirm the possibility of supervision. Please note, if successful in obtaining a supervisor, this does not guarantee admission.

Please note:

Normally, your application will not be reviewed for possible admission until all (100%) of the items required to be attached to the online application are completed and all reference letters are received; including the application fee by the stated department application deadline.