Financial FAQ

Q: How can I obtain financial assistance?

A: Applications for financial assistance must be made separately from admission applications. Many students compete successfully for assistantships and scholarships.

Q: What will my tuition fees be, are there any other fees I must pay, and when are they due?

A: After registering, each student will receive a fee assessment from the University. Please consult the Calendar to avoid penalty. For details, visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) in 105 Administration Building or their website.

Q: Do I need a social insurance number?

A: Yes. You need a social insurance number in order to receive assistantship payments. Foreign students must contact the International Centre (Room 172-9101 HUB) to receive information on Canadian Social Insurance.

Q: If I have a financial emergency, is help available?

A: Yes. Canadian students should contact the Student Financial Aid Information Centre (Main floor Administration Building) which has a small, short-term loan fund available. This office can probably help you find alternative funding. International students should contact the International Centre, University of Alberta International (Room 172 HUB, 492-2692), who administers an emergency loan program for international students.