Department of Educational Policy Studies

Adult, Community and Higher Education


This specialization provides advanced study for individuals who work with adults in the capacity of instruction, administration, or community leadership within a variety of formal, non-formal, and informal settings throughout the world.

Program structure

Each student's program includes study in core areas, research methods, electives, and a thesis or capping exercise.

Department Core Courses: Two courses are common to all master's specializations:

  • EDPS 580 - Contemporary Issues in Education: Perspective & Practice
  • EDPS 581 - Introduction to Evaluating Educational Research

Specialization Core Courses: Two courses form the core of the specialization:

  • EDPS 521 - Learning and Teaching at the Adult Level
  • EDPS 577 - Foundations of Adult and Higher Education

Options/Electives: Normally, all courses taken as part of the master's program must be at the graduate level (courses numbered 500 and above). In consultation with the program advisor, students are encouraged to take courses across the department or faculty.

Possible Concentrations in a Program:

I. Higher Education: 571, 572, 521 (adult learning), 594 (group dynamics), 561 (program planning), 560 (instructional practices), 671 (issues in higher education)
II. Workplace Learning: 540 (human resource development), 545 (workplace learning), 541 (organizational change), 544 (critical/feminist pedagogy), 690 (social learning)
III. Community Education/Global Education: 501 (comm practices or 578 social movements), 520 (Intl’ Adult Education), 577 (fdn in ad ed), 591, 544 (crit/fem pedagogy)
IV. Lifelong Learning: 577, 521, 541, 590, 591, 672, 690
V. Distance Education: 501 (micropolitics), some of the EDIT courses (535, 568)